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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2012

It would be unforgivable to live in the Bay Area and not make it to one of the largest (the largest?) events that the city has to offer: The Gay Pride Parade. It was packed. The photos came out extra colorful. Enjoy!

Balkan Beat Box at Israel in the Gardens

Israel in the Gardens is a free event in San Francisco organized by the Jewish Community Federation every year. For 2012 it was two weeks ago. They brought Balkan Beat Box (seen before in The MKX®) as the main event!

Very good outdoors concert on a nice and sunny day!

Earth Day San Francisco

Last week was Earth Day. I headed off to San Francisco to check out the festival at the Civic Center Plaza. In keeping with the spirit of the day, I left my Hummer at home and took the BART instead. A few photos below:

Photo of the day #37: Tax dollars at work

I snapped this photo in San Francisco a few days ago:

It’s nice to see my tax dollars at work, even if it wasn’t enough to buy an extra “N”.

Tactile Dome

Discover the unseen world of the Tactile Dome—an interactive excursion through total darkness, where your sense of touch becomes your only guide!

Built in 1971, the Tactile Dome is a maze you crawl through in total, absolute darkness. You rely only on your sense of touch to find your way around. In my case, the sense of touch in my head, since I kept banging it against things.

In order to go through, you need to crawl, climb, crouch, jump, roll, swing, swim andy fight your way through a small army of zombies… in total darkness.

The whole thing takes from 5 to 15 minutes. It’s quite a strange experience, which is why some people panic and can’t make it through. I was ok, I went through four times.

SPOILER WARNING: I will now reveal some exclusive photographs from the interior of the Tactile Dome. If you would like to experience it first hand, stop reading now. You’ve been warned.

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We went to Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception last week for Amit’s birthday, in San Francisco. Specifically, we went to the Exploratorium After Dark, which makes it socially acceptable for a fully grown adult to hog all the experiments on display. Add a little alcohol, and you have hours of fun. It’s great and highly recommended.

Human drinking from a toilet. Bad human!
Amazing man made tornado
The amazing man made tornado

And now check out this amazing video, and try to guess how the hell I did it.

The highlight of the museum was the Tactile Dome. But that will have to wait to another post.

Macworld report part 4

Weird, I forgot to publish this. Here it is.

A rig for shooting your own 360 degrees virtual reality things.
Testing headphones. Headphones were the most common item on the expo floor after iPhone/iPad/iPod cases.
Macworld visitos smiling with their bags full of swag.

Macworld report part 3

Third and final installment….

On this video, you can see Amit demonstrating the power of this table. It’s a lot like Microsoft Surface, but not nearly as slick. It was not powered by a Mac and it wasn’t an iPhone case, so I’m not sure why it was at Macworld. I also don’t remember the company’s name. But given the graceful hand motions of the demo man, I could not skip it.

Click the link to see more amazing thing.

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Macworld report part 2

This little toy truck spins on a record and plays it. The sound quality is shit, so for $80 it’s a total rip-off. And I’m quite certain they are not licensing VW’s logo. It probably scratches the record, too. But hey, it’s neat! More info here.

Read more for the best part…

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