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Balkan Beat Box at Israel in the Gardens

Israel in the Gardens is a free event in San Francisco organized by the Jewish Community Federation every year. For 2012 it was two weeks ago. They brought Balkan Beat Box (seen before in The MKX®) as the main event!

Very good outdoors concert on a nice and sunny day!

SXSW 2010 Music Day 4

Ok, last SXSW 2010 post.

Saturday was the final day of South By Southwest. Destination: Beauty Bar – or rather, a seemingly improvised venue called “Beauty Bar/Palm door” three blocks south of the real Beauty Bar. The place had three nasty problems:

  1. A serious drainage issue that made the whole place stink, even though the bathrooms were surprisingly neat.
  2. The bar had no way to charge credit cards, which is bad for today’s cash-less American society (and for my friends with cash who were nice enough to buy me beer).
  3. A horribly annoying wooden column right in front of the stage, as you can see in the photos I took.

In spite of this, it turned out to be an excellent night with one of the best shows I’ve seen in a SXSW.

SWSW at Beauty Bar

Photos and videos of the shows if you read more…

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