What is The Marcos Kirsch Experience®?
It’s the personal website/weblog of Marcos Kirsch.

Who is Marcos Kirsch?
A male individual born in the late seventies in Monterrey, Mexico. Owner of The MKX®. Living in Austin, Texas since 2001. Computer Engineer. Mac user. Former soccer player. Never a rock star. Zionist. Doodler. Joke teller. Gadget lover.

What will I find in this website?
I (and a gigantic team of world-class writers) will post whatever I (or any of out world-class writers) feel like posting. It can be a random thought, a message to someone, opinion, or something that I did or that happened to me. It very much depends on my current mood. It also sort of serves as a personal diary of mine, minus the darker inner thoughts.

What kind of self-centered prick would name his website like this?
It’s meant to be an ironic commentary on the enabling power of the web. Nowadays, any schmuck can pretend to be important by having his/her own website. Sorry if I offended anyone with my self-centeredness. Go away.

If you are Mexican, why isn’t this in Spanish?
Finally, a good question! This one I really struggled with back when it all started. While I (think I) can be (even) funnier / can make more jokes / handle slang better / make more obscure pop-culture references when writing in Spanish; I decided to write in English for the following reasons:

  • Most of my friends and family who are native Spanish speakers understand English, while the reverse is not true.
  • The overall population that has access to the Internet is more likely to speak English.
  • I live in the U.S. so I can use the practice.

Why would anyone care about you and want to see any of this?
Obviously if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have made it this far.

More to come…

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Marquitos, me gusta el nuevo look de tu website. Lo unico que yo se puede ver son los comentarios abajo del titulo de “The Marcos Kirsch Experience” porque son blancos y no se pueden leer con las nubes de la foto que tienes de background. A lo mejor cambiandole el color a la letra ya queda bien, ya tu sabras.
    Muchos saludos, me dio mucha risa lo del Speedo, ya vote 😉

  2. Hola Marcos, Me llamo Roberto, leí una publicación tuya del 2010 sobre el Bar Kokoloko y mencionas los tokens, es que yo tengo uno igual al de la imagen y me gustaria saber si tienen algun valor $$ para los coleccionistas. Saludos desde Mty, NL

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