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Spain vs Germany

Last match of the trip, and one would have thought best match of the first round. At the end it was a 1-1 tie in which Spain deserved to win.

Before the match, we went to The Pearl, the artificial island full of fancy things.

México vs Argentina

The main event. The match with the highest demand for tickets out of all 64 matches including the Final.

We stopped at Lusail Mall before the game.

USA vs England

This was one of the most attractive games for us. It was a good game but unfortunately not very spectacular: 0-0. Al Bayt is both the farthest (about 1 hour drive) and the most beautiful stadium we’ve visited. It’s made to look like a Bedouin tent, impressive.

National Museum of Qatar

Another incredible building. It was built around the old palace which still stands and can be visited.

We stayed to eat lunch at Jiwan, the restaurant at the museum. Both the view and the food were amazing so here go some food photos.

Brazil vs Serbia

Brazil looked very, very strong. After seeing them it’s clear it won’t be easy to knock them out.

Belgium vs Canada

Support CONCACAF. They deserved better – dominated Belgium. Too bad.

Souq Waqif

The main market. If you’ve seen a shuk (market) in Israel or any other Arab country: well it’s nothing like that.

However, if you’ve been to EPCOT then you have a pretty good idea what this is, just larger: everything is brand new but built to look a bit old. It’s all giant fancy stores, boutiques, art dealerships, and restaurants. It’s very nice though. The day we went it was still empty – like everything – but that’s because the Brazilians were just about to arrive.

Dhow Boat

Little wooden boats that were historically used in Qatar for pearl fishing. In our case, it was a two hour trip for seeing yachts owed by monarchs and eat really good food.

Like with most other things in here so far, there were more workers than tourists and no beer. But the food was excellent and it was a really nice and relaxing experience.

Dhow boats