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My little Mexicans

After 3 and 0.25 years (respectively) I’ve finally taken action and ensured that my poor two little kids have a team to root for in the upcoming World Cup.

Last Friday we went to the Mexican Consulate to finalize the process for making them Mexican Citizens. ¡Felicidades!


Ilán puts his fingerprint on his naturalization certificate.
Ari was a little bit more suspicious of the process.
I am quite certain that this is the best family photo we have so far. It’s hard to get everyone to look at a camera at the same time.
The moment before Ari’s acceptance speech.

Mexico City trip report

I flew to Mexico City last weekend. Here are some highlights:


The main reason of my lightning trip to Mexico City was to meet my new niece Galia, who also happens to be Ilan’s baby cousin. Lots of hair an big blue eyes as you can see in the picture. On the baby as well! She’s a cutie.

Galia and favorite uncle.


Galia and favorite uncle playing the stare game. She blinked first, I’m still the champion.


Jacobo and family, my mom, and I went to Xochimilco. People complain it’s dirty and not worth it. They are wrong, it’s great. We got there “early” (Mexico City standards) at around 10 AM and were the only people there. We made the strategic mistake of eating breakfast at the hotel which sucked because the food looked amazing there. On the other hand, the food was amazing at the hotel.

With the little gringos.


Mexican hotel breakfast is the best.


It used to be that after a shot of tequila, you’d shake your head. Nowadays you spin upside down from a pole hanging from your feet. The after-effect is magnified.


Left: My brother Jacobo Right: A guy in a sweater photo bombing us.

Estadio Azteca

On our way back from Xochimilco we passed the legendary Estadio Azteca, where Pelé (1970) and Maradona (1986) both raised the FIFA Cup. We decided to stop and check if they have tours. It happens that they do.

In the tunnel where the players head out to the pitch. On the left, signs for every team to ever visit the stadium – except, they explained – Pumas and Guadalajara. On the right, photos of memorable moments. In the middle, a couple of tourists who aren’t very good at playing soccer.


On this field Mexican players won the U17 World Cup in 2011. The players were less than half my current age. Damn!


At the press briefing room. Yes, the trophy is fake. And nobody from the press showed up.


My brother was in a foodie mood for his birthday. We went to a fancy schmancy restaurant in Polanco called Pujol “ranked 17th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine in 2013″ according to Wikipedia. And Wikipedia never lies, right?

A plate of mole, and nothing else, at Pujol.

We had a seven-course dinner that involved everything from mezcal to ants, all in tiny portions. The highlight of the night, in my opinion was the “Mole madre, mole nuevo” which is a little scoop of mole that has been cooking for (I shit you not) 562 days with an even smaller scoop of mole of a more recent vintage. You get a few handmade tortillas to scoop it up and that’s it. It was as good as you’d expect from something that had taken 562 days to prepare. I told the waiter that it was good and he can now bring me the full portion. He didn’t get the joke.

Mexico wins the Olympics

A few hours ago, Mexico won the Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympics after convincingly beating Brazil 2-1. Next championship: Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Oribe Peralta scored twice. What a year for “Cepillo” Peralta.
On the podium.

Update: Some readers point out that apparently there are other sporting events in the Olympics besides soccer. A small minority even cares about them. Congratulations to whatever countries won other medals on whatever sports.


Shlomit and I decided to trade turkey for enchiladas mineras and spent the full Thanksgiving week in the state of Guanajuato, México.

We visited:

  • Guanajuato: the famous mummies, the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, Callejoneada, etc.
  • León: A large industrial town, known for their quality (and affordable) leather products. Yeah, we went leather jacket shopping!
  • Dolores Hidalgo: The cradle of the Independence.
  • San Miguel de Allende: A lovely colonial town now overrun by retired gringos and their pooping dogs.
  • Atotonilco: A nice church surrounded by four or five tiny houses. Home of the “Mexican Sistine Chappel”
  • And last, some photos from Karina’s wedding.

As usual, a bunch of innocent and non-compromising photographs have been posted to The MKX® Photo Central.

Oh, and three videos:

Impressive breakdancing by a Mexican mime in San Miguel. Yes, Impressive:

Impressive brick tossing by Mexican construction workers in San Miguel. Yes, Mexican:

Impressive dancing routines by Cirque du Soleil performers. Yes, Cirque du Soleil:


One of the perks of being an engineer is that you get to constantly travel to remote and exotic locations.

Ok,that’s a lie. But last week I did get to spend a few days working in Queretaro, Mexico. I even got to check out the city a little bit. Here are a few photos and a couple of videos from the trip. I am quite pleased with their quality, given that they were taken with a cell phone.

Some kind of Folkloric dance:

Energetic street dancing (using performance enhancement drugs?)