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The MKX® Copa América Tour

Our original Copa América plan was overly ambitious:

  • Day 1: Costa Rica vs Paraguay in Austin
  • Day 2: Hurricane Harbour in Houston
  • Day 3: Argentina vs Ecuador in Houston
  • Day 4: Canada vs Jamaica in Dallas
  • Day 5: Six Flags in Dallas
  • Day 6: Austin FC vs NYFC in Austin

That’s a lot. Finally we skipped the Austin FC match which was lucky since it was delayed over an hour due to inclement weather.

I will skip photos of the Argentina vs Ecuador quarterfinal match. Those deserve its own post.

Copa América Centenario

The Copa América Centenario is over. For me at least – no more stadium. I got to go to the stadium for all three matches held in Houston.

Game 1: Colombia 2-3 Costa Rica

Colombia’s coach Nestor Pekerman miscalculated and lost the match and the first place of the group. Still made it to quarterfinals. Costa Rica closed the tournament with dignity. Interestingly, this is the second time I see Costa Rica play, and they won both times.

Outside the stadium before Colombia vs Costa Rica

Nice view of the field. Underwhelming attendance.

Game 2: Mexico 1-1 Venezuela

Venezuela did well and was ahead for most of the game.

With my good buddy Alberto García Aspe.

Donald Drumpf was not a popular guy among the crowd.

Maduro was unpopular as well.

fuck trump
Those jerseys are like $90!

National anthems

FullSizeRender 6
Good looking fans.

A few days after the Orlando gay club shooting, the full stadium respectfully honors the victims with a moment of silence before the match starts. But only a few minutes later, the cultured Mexican fans go back to their famous gay slur:

I get it, people who are obviously straight think it’s funny and not offensive in this context. But it’s up to those who feel offended to decide whether it’s offensive. Also, the joke is kind of old by now.

Game 3: Argentina 4-0 USA

Oh boy, Argentina played at half capacity and completely humiliated the host team. USA had no ball possession and created no opportunities. In the second half, the American players would stay 3-6 feet away from Lionel Messi whenever he had the ball… they simply stopped trying. Due to happy circumstances and the generosity of some people, I sat really close to the field and was able to see the action up-close.

FullSizeRender 2
Nice view. I mean us. Get it?

Field panorama. Messi’s free kick goal looked amazing from this angle.

Posing with a few peasants who sat really far from the action.

This is my view – short video of Argentina’s 4th goal celebration: