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San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2012

It would be unforgivable to live in the Bay Area and not make it to one of the largest (the largest?) events that the city has to offer: The Gay Pride Parade. It was packed. The photos came out extra colorful. Enjoy!

Balkan Beat Box at Israel in the Gardens

Israel in the Gardens is a free event in San Francisco organized by the Jewish Community Federation every year. For 2012 it was two weeks ago. They brought Balkan Beat Box (seen before in The MKX®) as the main event!

Very good outdoors concert on a nice and sunny day!

Transit of Venus

As widely reported, last week there was a transit of Venus. It’s a rare event so I wisely decided to go check it out at the Lawrence Hall of Science. Unwisely, I attempted to get there on bike – but after a one hour battle with gravity I gave up, came home, showered, and drove.

Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley

Over there, they had a bunch of telescopes properly set up with filters and pointing to the Sun. Lines were long but brisk. If you missed it, this is what it looked like:

More photos, including the beautiful view of the bay:

New BART seats

Those of you who have been on the BART know just how incredibly nasty the fabric on those seats can be, accumulating filth and disease for many years now.

Someone had the brilliant idea to finally replace that fabric with vinyl, which should be millions of times easier to clean and absorb millions of times less human fluids. Thank you.

Underage musicians

Notably, last week I randomly bumped into three different music shows by bands whose members are really, really young. All within 24 hours.

First one in the pub across the street from our house:

Children rock band at the Kensington Circus Pub

Second one at the Farmer’s Market, between my house and the aforementioned pub”

Violin playing kids at the Kensington Farmer's Market

Third one in San Francisco:

Haunted by Heroes "The World's Youngest Rock Band" at the Earth Day Festival in San Francisco

They were all notably good. But I recommend you look at videos from the third one.

Earth Day San Francisco

Last week was Earth Day. I headed off to San Francisco to check out the festival at the Civic Center Plaza. In keeping with the spirit of the day, I left my Hummer at home and took the BART instead. A few photos below:

Car shopping

I’m trying to become carbon-neutral and also save money on gas. One way of accomplishing this goal is to buy an all-electric Tesla Roadster. So I stopped at the dealership to do a little weekend shopping.

But since they didn’t have it in neither “Lightning Green” or within my budget, I had to pass.


The Tech Museum

We spent last Sunday in San Jose, checking out the Tech Museum. Which is great, if you are nine years old or less.

However, one interesting physiological phenomena was reaffirmed: my nose is noticeably colder than the rest of my body. Scientists around the world remain baffled. Previous data here.

Infrared vision: my nose is still colder than the rest of my body.

Occupy Wall Street, Berkeley edition

A large march, much more impressive than the few poor souls I photographed last time just passed in front of the office. I managed to capture some video.