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Coffice eviction

The sign says it all.

We had found a spot for the wandering coffice but now we need to move it in order to make room for the installation of desks for incoming interns, who ironically will be the ones making the coffee (I kid, I kid).

As seen in the kitchennette

Now that the Coffice is gone, I’m back to the same kitchennette meant for mere mortal coffee drinkers. I found this sign there:

photoConsider this the final Coffice-related post.

The Coffice is no more

In a bout of corporate arm-wrestling and a defeat to all coffee-loving humans, the Coffice must be vacated by the end of the week. It seems like people in places higher than me think that the space can be better used to accommodate an engineer as opposed to an electrical stove, a pot, and some coffee and sweets. It is a sad day.

Now I need to find somebody else’s office to cram all this junk in. I have just the guy in mind…

Israeli culinary wonders 1

I though I had publicly promised to do so, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in this blog. In any case, this is the beginning of a series of posts on some of the unbelievably good food I ate in my recent trip to Israel. It shall make many readers jealous and/or hungry. I will post the full names of anyone on the pictures to ensure they are found in web searches. Here we go…


Jessica Berman and I eat schawarma from the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem.

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