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Back in ATX

I finally got sick of the perfect East Bay weather and insanely high rent prices: I moved back to Austin, TX this week after a year in sunny California.

While I will surely miss all the perks of living in the Bay Area a few minutes away from San Francisco, it sure is good to be back. I hope to get settled quickly and meet up with all my friends soon.

Occupy Wall Street, Berkeley edition

A large march, much more impressive than the few poor souls I photographed last time just passed in front of the office. I managed to capture some video.

Today’s quote: Jack Boatwright

“That the smaller earthquakes are releasing stress that would otherwise show up in a large earthquake is a pretty common fallacy and, for the most part, is entirely wrong.”

Jack Boatwright, seismologist with the U.S. Geological Survey. Full article here.


Goodbye, Austin

My car gets loaded and on its way to California, just this morning.

By the time this post gets published, I’ll be flying on my way to Berkeley, CA… to stay. This is after just over ten great years in Austin, TX. I’m staying at the same job – only working at the office over there – and will have the best roommate ever.

For those who care, The MKX® will detail my upcoming adventures. Hopefully it will get interesting. And like a certain famous California ex-Governator says: “I’ll be back”.