Goodbye, Austin

My car gets loaded and on its way to California, just this morning.

By the time this post gets published, I’ll be flying on my way to Berkeley, CA… to stay. This is after just over ten great years in Austin, TX. I’m staying at the same job – only working at the office over there – and will have the best roommate ever.

For those who care, The MKX® will detail my upcoming adventures. Hopefully it will get interesting. And like a certain famous California ex-Governator says: “I’ll be back”.

One thought on “Goodbye, Austin”

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    Rebecca Otis We’ll miss you! See you soon!
    Wednesday at 3:26pm · Like

    Carlos Wollenstein you just made me cry
    Wednesday at 3:34pm · Like

    Dana Epstein Best of luck! Hopefully the two of you will move back to us in the future 🙂
    Wednesday at 3:35pm · Like · 1 person

    Erika Himes ‎:(. Pero mi monologo acelerado de seguro le quito cualquier sentimentalismo a la manejada al aeropuerto.
    Wednesday at 3:43pm · Unlike · 1 person

    Annette Perez Best of luck in this new adventure! 🙂 Enjoy the cooler weather 🙂
    Wednesday at 3:54pm · Like

    Alma Flores ‎:(
    Wednesday at 3:59pm · Like

    Isaac Jerusalmi Cuando te vas??
    Wednesday at 4:03pm · Like

    Eva Noyola A ver si no te nos vuelves hippie. ¡Buen viaje!
    Wednesday at 4:04pm · Like

    Isaac Jerusalmi Ya vi tu post, suerte
    Wednesday at 4:07pm · Like

    Arthur C Why????? Don’t do it!
    Wednesday at 4:58pm · Like

    Barbara Oñate Herrera Best wishes! 🙂
    Wednesday at 6:21pm · Like

    Daniel Kurejwowski Marcos, mucha suerte
    Wednesday at 6:25pm · Like

    Jocelly Guie Meiners Wow, no sabía que te ibas. ¡Mucha suerte!
    Wednesday at 7:17pm · Like

    Jerry Lopato What? You didn’t say anything the other day??
    Wednesday at 7:38pm · Like

    Manuel Lopez Leon Buena suerte!
    Thursday at 6:50am · Like
    Marcos Kirsch Oh how I wish all these comments were made on the blog ( and not here where they will be forever lost in a week.

    Goodbye, Austin
    No ugly people were harmed making this blog.
    Thursday at 9:26am · Like ·

    Becky Sarfati Mucha suerte Marquitos!!!!! que padre!!!! te mando un beso
    Thursday at 2:42pm · Like

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