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Photo of the day #37: Tax dollars at work

I snapped this photo in San Francisco a few days ago:

It’s nice to see my tax dollars at work, even if it wasn’t enough to buy an extra “N”.


  1. Drive 45 minutes in traffic to the nearest IKEA.
  2. Walk around for three hours.
  3. Load up shopping carts with 20+ boxes.
  4. Call a friend to help you drive the stuff because it won’t fit in one car.
  5. Drive back.
  6. Unload two cars.
  7. Start assembling the dining room table.
  8. Finish assembling the dining room table.
  9. Flip it over to find three perfectly aligned holes in the middle of the table.

Needless to say, that killed the furniture-assembling mood for the day. We won’t go back to return it until all the stuff has been inspected and assembled. This could take a while.

Still, I gotta admit that IKEA is insanely cheap and cool.