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Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau

We went last Saturday, also part of SF Jazz Festival. A great pianist and a great saxophonist playing Jazz for 2+ hours. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I prefer listening to Jazz while sitting at a table drinking beer.

Not the best seats in the house

India.Arie & Idan Raichel

As part of the San Francisco Jazz Festival, I went to see India.Arie & Idan Raichel. While not exactly my style (I would have hoped for more Idan Rachel, and a little less India.Arie) it was a great concert at a breathtaking the venue, Oakland’s Paramount Theater. Photos and video below.

Austin Jewish Film Festival

Two movies I saw at the recent Austin Jewish Film Festival, both of them I recommend.

First, “Cohen On The Bridge”. Director Andrew Weinrib had unprecedented access to surviving hostages and commandos from Operation Entebbe. He assembled a fast paced 20 minute animated short with interviews in the background about the operation. The visuals are stunning and the story riveting. You can’t even blink. It was followed by a Q&A with the director that was equally interesting.

Director of Cohen on the Bridge Andrew Weinrib at a Q&A during the Austin Jewish Film Festival.

You can see the trailer here, but you may need Facebook access. This movie you must see. And a full length film is in the works.

Second, I saw “This is Sodom”, a movie by  the guys from Eretz Nehederet. This dumb comedy was a surprise record breaker in Israel and is actually really funny. Trailer below:

SXSW 2011 lineup

Straight from the source…. See you in March!

Balmorhea (Austin TX)

The Baseball Project (Portland OR)

The Bears of Blue River (Chicago IL)

Beats Antique (San Francisco CA)

James Blake (London UK-ENGLAND)

Bliss N Eso (Albert Park AUSTRALIA)

British India (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)

Murphy Brown (Santa Cruz CA)

Brownout (Austin TX)

Canteca de Macao (Madrid SPAIN)

Check out the full list

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Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival

Today was the first ever Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival. Food trailers have been popping up everywhere in Austin these last few years. The great thing about food trailers is that you can drive them around, so finally somebody had the great idea of putting a festival together at Auditorium Shores: Good, varied, affordable food all in one place.

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ACL 2010 – Day 3

Third and final day of the ACL Music Festival. It was a great time… and now I have a year to recover and get ready for 2011.

With Los Bielaz

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ACL 3-D 3-Day Pass

The 3-day passes for ACL are in 3-D. How appropriate! I’m not sure if the illusion is captured in video… but hey, at least I tried.

Hardly Strictly

Last weekend I officially started warming up for ACL by attending a different massive music festival, this one in San Francisco and all bluegrass: Hardly Strictly.

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Hot Sauce Festival

The 20th Anual Austin Hot Sauce Festival was held on Sunday. Unfortunately, it was so hot and the lines were so long that I only got to try a few sauces before looking for air-conditioned refuge. My favorite this year: Don’t Panic Hispanic. Unlike past years, it does not seem that the press was alerted of my presence. Good, because I hate paparazzi.

Hot Sauce connoisseurs

Eeyore’s 47th Birthday

Eeyore’s 47t birthday

It was a busy Saturday. After a cultural morning at Art City Austin, I headed over to Pease Park for Eeyore’s 47th birthday party. This year it seemed even more crowded than the years before. The usual assortment of colorful costumes, drum circles, dancing, beer, topless hippies, and family vibe was present again.

I have posted some higher-than-usual quality photos in The MKX® Photo Central of this awesome Austin tradition. They were taken with Jaramillo’s big manly camera, not my tiny puny pocket toy.