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Austin City Limits

Don Chingón wearing his $9 USD Wal-Mart hunting hat. Zero sunburn baby!

This past weekend I attended the Austin City Limits Music Festival. As a revenge act for not going last year I got me a nice 3 day pass; and most of my local friends decided to go as well. It was both a lot of fun and extremely tiring. These festivals aren’t easy on an old guy like me. I was expecting a lot of people to stay over at my place during the weekend but at the end it was only Nathan, Sarai, Mindy, and Jill. Nathan is a wuss and bailed out on day three. On the other end of the spectrum, Mindy and Jill are total warriors, doing all three days early in the morning followed by downtown partying, plus one all-nighter on Saturday and the drive back to Houston on Sunday night. Respect. Bernardo Dychter, Baruch Chollow (whom I hadn’t seen in a looong time), and Alex were in town as well.

More info, photos, and a video if you keep reading!

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Austin City Limits

Yesterday, despite the record heat and the earlier soccer game, I decided to go to the Austin City Limits festival. I bought a last minute ticket from some guy who decided he had had enough of the 40 degree Celsius temperature for about 1/6th of the regular price.
Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay were the big attractions of the night (during the day I saw some smaller bands) and they were excellent. I’m especially surprised by the show put on by Coldplay. I heard Oasis was terrible last night though, that’s too bad… and Aterciopelados canceled because of the hurricane Rita scare.

I will say, I have never seen so much dust and this morning I was still coughing mud. It was worth it though.

I’ll upload some photos later tonight.