Austin City Limits: Café Tacuba


I got to see Café Tacuba today live in the small TV studio where they shoot the famous Austin City Limits show. Front row… Tune in to see me jumping to the tune of “La Chica Banda”.Oh yeah, and I have tickets for their concert tomorrow.

(Thanks to Jaramillo who went early and got in line to get the tickets)

Update 7/12/2005: Just returned from the concert. It was much longer and better…

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  1. hey! I went to their concert at Stubb’s too! It was really, really awesome,,, But hey,, what was that live show at that studio about? What was it exactly? I was planning on going,,, but didn’t have a ride,,, lol,,,

  2. It’s an old TV show where they have a band/singer play live every week. It’s called Austin City Limits (the festival took the name from the show). It was great because it was in a small studio.

  3. just see the concert on PBS, I have been in 4 o 5 Cafe tacuba concerts in San Diego and Tijuana, this guys are the best on their stuff, sadly they dont want to try it in english and definitly they will loose the tacuba essence.

    And about you, are you the withe shirt girl who dances “chica banda” with the “gallito Gas”?

    greetings from San Diego

  4. HI. I just saw these guys perform last night on Austin City Limits. Although I couldn’t understand a single word I must say they rocked!
    Does anyone know the name of the last song they did and waht cd it’s off of. IT’s the song where all the members (minus the drummer) started dancing together on stage. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  5. It is “Dejate Caer” but it is actually on a 4-track ep called “Vale Callampa” – hope that helps 🙂 Anyone who would like to trade for some live Tacuba shows or DVDs – drop me an email at – I have TONS of stuff!

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