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A lot of people took some time to write or call me on my pandemic birthday this week. Shlomit made it super special. Thank you!

But a notable mention goes to Debbie and Arturo for sending me my favorite desert: A whole poppy seed strudel.

I ate half for dinner in one sitting. I didn’t sleep well but it was worth it. Too bad I’m socially distancing so I can’t share with you. Too bad.

Want a shout out in The MKX® (who doesn’t)? Give me food I like!

Year One

It’s been one year since the posting frequency on The MKX® dropped dramatically even though an extra staff writer was added at the same time. What’s the reason?

It’s the best and the most fun reason in the world. It’s also the same reason why I sleep less, my back constantly hurts, and the Plaza Sésamo theme song is stuck in my head.

Below are some photos of the reason. See Ilán in his birthday suit (not naked) right before his first sugar rush:


Mega-Party photos may or may not follow.

Happy birthday to me

Thanks to everyone who showed up for the surprise lunch on Sunday and especially to Shlomit who not only flew to Austin for the weekend, but stealthily organized it without me having even the sightliest clue. I am not worthy.

Also, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes. I got A LOT of phone calls, emails, and Facebook wall posts. And as everyone knows, number of Facebook wall posts is the ultimate and most precise measure of how much one is loved… looks like I’m doing OK.

Eeyore’s 47th Birthday

Eeyore’s 47t birthday

It was a busy Saturday. After a cultural morning at Art City Austin, I headed over to Pease Park for Eeyore’s 47th birthday party. This year it seemed even more crowded than the years before. The usual assortment of colorful costumes, drum circles, dancing, beer, topless hippies, and family vibe was present again.

I have posted some higher-than-usual quality photos in The MKX® Photo Central of this awesome Austin tradition. They were taken with Jaramillo’s big manly camera, not my tiny puny pocket toy.

Better late than never MEGA party




We had a little get-together on Saturday at my place. Unfortunately I lost all the photos in a timely hard drive crash. Fortunately I was able to recover the pictures from the camera’s memory card. It was a great time. Thanks to anyone who made it, especially those who came from out of town and those who helped clean afterwards!

If you have any photos, please let me know through the comments and I’ll link to them from here (or upload them myself). Read more for links and more photos.

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Eeyore’s 44th Birthday

Keep Austin Weird, my frieds. Among many other activities I was engaged in today I went to Eeyore’s annual birthday party (Wikipedia) (a.k.a. Igor el Burrito) at Pease Park.First time I’ve been to this festival, which is embarrasing since I’ve lived in Austin for so long. It’s full of hippies, people in costumes, drums, egg-tossing contests, music, beer, and topless women. What’s not to like?Unfortunately I did not bring my camera, so I leave you with a few photos I found in Flickr:

This one is from last year but so what?