Look who’s here, it’s the alfajores!

An alfajor is a traditional cookie in some South American countries, most notably Uruguay, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Its most basic form consists of two round sweet biscuits generally joined together with dulce de leche. (Wikipedia – what else?)

Alfajores Havanna

Today, as arrive home from another day of hard work, I find in my mailbox a suspiciously bulky package from a J.W.F. of Albany, NY. Ignoring the death threats I’ve been receiving lately (mostly from an A.G.M.T. of Austin, TX and related to a certain photograph in which two acquaintances of mine appear in their tighty whities) and the strong possibility that the package could have been a Una-bomber style letter, some Anthrax, or even worse, a copy of Maná’s latest CD, I took it inside and opened it.

In the package I found a red, metallic box with the Fossil logo of on it. “Cool! a new watch” I thought to myself. Quickly I opened the box to find inside, not a watch, but something so much better: two delicious Havanna alfajores (this is the good shit, not just any alfajor) smuggled all the way from the Patagonia to my mailbox.

Turns out, a few weeks ago while on the phone with my friend Jan Fernheimer, I mentioned my weakness and addiction for the ever ellusive (in the middle of Texas, anyway) chocolaty, crumbly cookie sandwich with milk candy inside and covered with chocolate. Jan has now become the second person in the world to have ever snail-mailed me alfajores, and as such, she has ensured my eternal gratitude, which has been known to last over two weeks. I want this post to serve as a thank you note and a public acknowledgement to Jan and her two alfajores (out of context, this last part may sound dirty to some of my readers).

For more alfajor cyber-goodness, be sure to visit the official website of Havanna, and this flickr photoset !בואנה זה טעים

7 thoughts on “Look who’s here, it’s the alfajores!”

  1. Estimado Marco, ahora puedes encontrar alfajores de Maizena en Guadalajara, mi familia comercializa este producto y están de chupete!
    33 3689-1146

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  3. If you really want a good Alfajor, take a trip to Argentina and visit a little shop called La Olla de Cobre in San Antonia de Areco. They are the best ever. I wish I bought more when I was there!

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