Photo of the day #6

In the center of the photo stands José Antonio Aguilar Bodegas, candidate for governor of the state of Chiapas for the PRI in one of the most heated races in a long time (well, at least since the last presidential election) in Mexico (~2,500 vote difference as of tonight).
But that’s not the point of the photo.
Look closely at the guy standing in the back to the right of Mr. Aguilar. That’s José Antonio Aguilar González (a.k.a. too many nicknames to list here without ofending someone), good buddy of mine who decided to shed the Torrado-style afro he had the last time I saw him for the timeless “I’m an egineer with no interest in taking care of my hair so I buzz it” look. Good luck to both the Aguilars, here’s hoping he wins the election.

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