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The MKX® 11th Anniversary Party

Graceful hosts The MKX® Editor and Chief and The MKX® Hummus Maker in Chief.

We had a small (who am I kidding? HUGE!) gathering to celebrate the 11th anniversary of The MKX®. Several famous celebrities attended, including some but not all of the following: Rihanna, prince William, the artist formerly known as Prince, will.i.am, Michael Jackson.

We had a fully functional disco ball and enough homemade hummus for all of the Middle East. Total success.

Happy 2014!

View of motorized disco ball in the techno music hall.
Our most important guests: Amaresh, Emily, and our friends on the table.

The MKX® 7th Anniversary

Last night we held the celebrations for the 7th Anniversary of The MKX® (first post).

How things have changed since then: Barack Obama hadn’t been born. Arnold Schwarzenegger was still in good shape. Michael Jackson was already white. Monterrey had only one championship under its belt. Global warming was well underway but did not scare anyone yet. I’m glad to report that the world has changed and out 706 posts have been the ones driving these changes.

Think about it: Kids that weren’t even born back when we started blogging are now old enough to read this junk and have their little malleable brains rot. For their sake we hope their parents have the good sense of not letting them read The MKX®. To everyone else (that’s you): Thanks for reading!

Photos from the party will be posted soon. Oh, and happy 2010.

Better late than never MEGA party




We had a little get-together on Saturday at my place. Unfortunately I lost all the photos in a timely hard drive crash. Fortunately I was able to recover the pictures from the camera’s memory card. It was a great time. Thanks to anyone who made it, especially those who came from out of town and those who helped clean afterwards!

If you have any photos, please let me know through the comments and I’ll link to them from here (or upload them myself). Read more for links and more photos.

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Disaster strikes

hard-drive-crashI started having computer problems a few days ago. They coincidentally started right after I applied the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update. So I blamed that and decided to deal with it whenever I get a chance. The symptoms: my Mac mini would lock up after I use iTunes or iPhoto for a little bit. I didn’t really think it was a problem with iTunes or iPhoto themselves nor their files since they happen to be the applications I use the most on that machine – so I assumed the computer would lock up regardless of what program I’m using.

Turns out I was wrong. What happened is that the external hard drive that I use to hold (surprise!) all of my music collection, videos, and over 8000 photos was dying. It finally stopped functioning altogether tonight. None of my computers can even see it, much less mount it or extract any data from it.

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Like the good ol’times

Diego and Joe were in town last weekend. Diego came to play at the UT MBA soccer tournament (4 games in 2 days). Joe came to exert his bad influence on me. For those not in the know, Joe and I were on the same ulpan program in Kibbutz Yehiam in 1995. Diego then joined us in early 1996 for the legendary Machon Le’Madrichei Chul in the City of Gold herself, Jerusalem. We all look exactly the same we did back then except we changed our haircuts.

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