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Purim 2015

With the 10th Annual Kosher Chili Cookoff and the Purim Carnival both happening on the same day at the JCAA, we knew we had to come up with a special costume.

So after lots and lots of deliberation, Ilán and I settled on the classic crowd pleaser: The Ugly Nun and The Ugly Nun mini. Turns out Ilán has managed to put on a lot of weight since he was a week old without really growing much hair. This forced us to create a brand new The Ugly Nun costume. Fortunately, mine still fits.

Unlike every other day of his short life, Ilán decided to actually sleep in that day. That means we missed the costume contest (we were a shoe in for first prize, I mean, look at me) and missed eating chili too! (whatever, it’s kosher chili, can’t be that great).

Too bad, we’ll need to dress up the same next year. And since this blog is like Playboy and people come for the photos and not the articles, here you go:

Left: The Ugly Nun. Right: The Ugly Nun mini


Blinking contest. He won.
Believe it or not, women find The Ugly Nun irresistible. Here’s proof.


The Ugly Nun: “Say hello to my little friend”

It’s been years since The Ugly Nun was last seen. Many were hopeful that was the end of it. They will be disappointed. Tonight there was a confirmed Ugly Nun sighting, and it gets worse: in spite of being celibate, she appears to have procreated.

Oh, the humanity!

They’re ugly. They’re holy. They’re constipated. And they’re way past their nap time.
Like Mother Superior, like son.
Sixth Street doesn’t stand a chance.

Disclaimer: the smaller Ugly Nun is actually a paid actor, his name is Ilan Kirsch. The larger one, nobody’s sure what that is.


The Ugly Nun shows her face one more time at a recent Purim Party. The Ugly Nun will keep appearing until every single person in the city has seen her. At last count, there were still 4 more people to go.

Halloween 2010

A big prize to the best “English With Andy” caption for this photo. Use the comments.

The legenday ugly nun resurfaced again on Sixth Street. Full gallery at The MKX® Photo Central. Besides a hot kitten, it’s pretty gross, so I recommend you stay away.

Ugly Nun sighting

The real deal? Or a copycat?
The real deal? Or a copycat?

The MKX® received reports a few weeks ago about an Ugly Nun sighting in South Miami Beach late last month. Since this was the first time we ever heard of The Ugly Nun being outside of Austin, and there was no hard proof on the reporsts, we decided not to publish anything. After all, we receive hundreds of tips on unsubstantiated rumors every week and we can’t just post about them all.

We just received photographic evidence from an anonymous tipster about the affair. You can see it, as usual, in The MKX® Photo Central.

Ugly Nun 2008


No one guessed the answer for the question posed in the last post. That’s the thing about being wild and unpredictable.

Good times once again in downtown Austin last night, with a big group of friends and all the people dressed up. Photos in The MKX® Photo Central.

More about the legendary Ugly Nun in The MKX® and The MKX® Gift Shop.

Purim: Hatikva 6 vs. The Ugly Nun

On Purim’s eve (Thursday night) the Ugly Nun resurfaced at the big party down at the Hillel building thrown this year. The surprisingly excellent Israeli reggae band Hatikva 6 played live. A fun night. Chag sameach! (album)

Blue really brings out Moi’s eyes, and covers the rest of his face! Nice.

Shelly, Hatikva 6’s ultra-hot keyboard player.
Shelly: if you ever Google “Hatikva 6 Austin”, drop me a line!

CIMG2547 Sister Jared, an old friend from the convent.

Hatikva 6