The Ugly Nun: “Say hello to my little friend”

It’s been years since The Ugly Nun was last seen. Many were hopeful that was the end of it. They will be disappointed. Tonight there was a confirmed Ugly Nun sighting, and it gets worse: in spite of being celibate, she appears to have procreated.

Oh, the humanity!

They’re ugly. They’re holy. They’re constipated. And they’re way past their nap time.
Like Mother Superior, like son.
Sixth Street doesn’t stand a chance.

Disclaimer: the smaller Ugly Nun is actually a paid actor, his name is Ilan Kirsch. The larger one, nobody’s sure what that is.

9 thoughts on “The Ugly Nun: “Say hello to my little friend””

  1. I love the name of that little actor. He looks like he will be following his father’s footsteps.

  2. Amit, I was already mentally bracing myself for the years of therapy he’ll need when I found out I was pregnant… Just add this to the long list of reasons!

  3. Brilliant Shlomit! at least this is an easy trauma to deal with… “When I was a baby my dad dressed as a nun and dressed me as baby nun just so he can blog about it” no biggie…

    Sending love to the three of you and hoping Shlomit can dress as a priest next Purim to complete the trinity.

  4. I was among the naive ones that had hopes for the disappearance of the ugly nun… and now there’s two of them… although the small one is not anywhere near ugly.

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