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E. A. S. T. 2009 – reminder


Don’t forget that this coming Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd is your last chance to go to the East Austin Studio Tour, in my humble opinion one of the city’s best yearly events and best kept secrets (people just don’t know about it!). Over 150 art studios open their doors for you to visit, all of them located in the eastern part of the city. I bet you didn’t know there were so many!

The exhibitions cover just about any kind of plastic art you can think off: pottery, sculptutre, photography, painting, metal works, etc. going from “even I can do that” to “that should be in a museum”.

Expect a complete report from  The MKX® soon.

Ugly Nun sighting

The real deal? Or a copycat?
The real deal? Or a copycat?

The MKX® received reports a few weeks ago about an Ugly Nun sighting in South Miami Beach late last month. Since this was the first time we ever heard of The Ugly Nun being outside of Austin, and there was no hard proof on the reporsts, we decided not to publish anything. After all, we receive hundreds of tips on unsubstantiated rumors every week and we can’t just post about them all.

We just received photographic evidence from an anonymous tipster about the affair. You can see it, as usual, in The MKX® Photo Central.

Eeyore’s 46th Birthday + Where’s Waldo

Update 4/28: Now on The Austinist.

Update 4/27: The Daily Texan has posted an article with video. Try finding Jamie S.,  Carrie S., Marcos K., Jaramillo, or Tim H. in it. If you see them, post the time in the comments!

Eeyore's 46th birthday

Yesterday was Eeyore’s 46th Birthday (previously covered in The MKX®), celebrated every year in Austin, TX. To spice things up, but mostly to give me something to post about in this blog, I joined the people of flash mob austin to take part in their latest prank: The World’s Largest Live Where’s Waldo Search Party.

Most of the Waldo's lookalikes. Don't bother finding the real Waldo, he's not in the picture.

It’s easy: you dress like the notorious M.I.A. cartoon character and blend in with the wholesome crowd of Austin original hippies, little boys, and topless women. The real Waldo is walking around as well (it’s actually a guy dressed like him, but you get the point) and whoever finds him gets a prize.

More photos and a video after the break.
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