SXSW ’09 lineup


SXSW Festival

The list of bands for this year’s South by Southwest festival has been published. I haven’t spent any time researching it yet but would love to hear (through the comments) any recommendations. A few of these bands I’ve seen before.  This is the list, current as of today:

3 thoughts on “SXSW ’09 lineup”

  1. A “must see” is Kylie Harris. Kylie has a very unique show. It’s a duo – but sounds more like a full band. She and album producer Marco Giovino are truly “jacks of all trades” when it comes to the stage.

    Kylie plays acoustic & electric guitar – while accompanying herself on bass by playing bass pedals with her feet. It’s truly something to see. In addition to playing percussion – don’t be surprised when you see Marco pick up other instruments as well – such as the accordion!

    Do yourself a favor and check them out while they’re in town. You’ll be amazed and glad you did.

  2. orale! no sabía que iban tantas bandas… que cool.

    de la ojeada que dí, te recomiendo mucho mucho
    Au Revoir Simone
    Andrew Bird
    The Republic Tigers


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