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“Rock en Español” classics

More as a mental exercise than anything else, I want to compile a list of, say, 30 Rock en Español classics. Not best, not my favorites… but classics.

I am going to get the list started with fifteen sixteen. I have music loving readers who are knowledgeable so please help in the comments. In no particular order:

  1. De Música Ligera – Soda Stereo (Argentina)
  2. Persiana Americana – Soda Stereo (Argentina)
  3. Entre Dos Tierras – Héroes del Silencio (Spain)
  4. Lobo hombre en París – La Unión (Chile)
  5. Afuera – Caifanes (Mexico)
  6. Florecita Rockera – Aterciopelados (Colombia)
  7. La Ingrata – Café Tacuba (Mexico)
  8. Cuando Seas Grande – Miguel Mateos (Argentina)
  9. Pobre de Ti – Tijuana No (Mexico)
  10. Pachuco – Maldita Vecindad (Mexico)
  11. El Matador – Los Fabulosos Cadillacs (Argentina)
  12. Sin Documentos – Los Rodriguez (Argentina)
  13. Amante Bandido – Miguel Bosé (Spain)
  14. No Hay Marcha en Nueva York – Mecano (Spain)
  15. Devuélveme a Mi Chica – Hombres G (Spain)
  16. Mariposa Tecknicolor – Fito Páez (Argentina)

Please, no Maná crap.

100 best Iberoamerican movies of all times


Via Alejandro, I received this list of the 100 best Iberoamerican movies of all times according to a poll organized by NOTICINE.

I haven’t seen most of them. Those movies that I have seen have been usually pretty good or excellent, with a few overrated ones here and there (Y Tu Mamá También or El Crimén del Padre Amaro spring to my mind). My all-time favorite Mexican movie is in the list, of course: El Callejón de los Milagros – based on a novel by a Nobel price Egyptian writer, with a young and not yet internationally known Salma Hayek playing a prostitute, a recurrent dominoes theme, and a shocking bathroom scene. Some other films I saw a long time ago so I don’t even remember them that well.

Read more to see the full list. Use it for ideas if you’ve been wanting to see some non-Hollywoood cinema and/or are trying to brush up on your Spanish or Portuguese. I have made bold the movies I’ve seen. Feel free to post some recommendations in the comments. I expect Eva to re-publish the list shortly except with many more entries made bold and more insightful comments.

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SXSW ’09 lineup


SXSW Festival

The list of bands for this year’s South by Southwest festival has been published. I haven’t spent any time researching it yet but would love to hear (through the comments) any recommendations. A few of these bands I’ve seen before.  This is the list, current as of today:

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