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A Kirsch finishes a half marathon

Jacobo (green) concentrates really hard to prevent throwing up, closely followed by a 70-year-old senior citizen who appears to be wearing adult diapers (orange)

This is my brother Jacobo. He ran the Miami Half Marathon on January 30th. This is particularly impressive because my family (myself included) is genetically engineered to prevent any kind of prolonged physical activity – with the exception of TV watching.

Congratulations! Slow-motion replay of him crossing the line embedded below:

Ugly Nun sighting

The real deal? Or a copycat?
The real deal? Or a copycat?

The MKX® received reports a few weeks ago about an Ugly Nun sighting in South Miami Beach late last month. Since this was the first time we ever heard of The Ugly Nun being outside of Austin, and there was no hard proof on the reporsts, we decided not to publish anything. After all, we receive hundreds of tips on unsubstantiated rumors every week and we can’t just post about them all.

We just received photographic evidence from an anonymous tipster about the affair. You can see it, as usual, in The MKX® Photo Central.

Bris photos

So peaceful... oy.
So peaceful... oy.

For your delight, I have posted some photos from my new nephew’s Brit-Milah (circumcision) a couple of weeks ago. They are viewable by everyone… no strong material there.

Brave as I am, I watched the whole procedure from up close and I’m pretty sure that all said and done, I am way more traumatized by the whole experienced than little Obi-Wan (a.k.a. Bernardo).

Which reminds me of this passage from the Talmud:

How do we know that Jews are optimists? Because they don’t even know yet how big it’s going to get, and already they are cutting a piece off.

More photos after the break…

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