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Gracias Totales

GusThe world lost a genius today. Rest in peace Gustavo Cerati.

Billboard article with videos of covers made by other bands. Includes one by his son Benito and one by Cafe Tacvba I had never heard before.

Gustavo Cerati in critical condition

Gustavo Cerati in Monterrey, November 2007
Gustavo Cerati in Monterrey, November 2007

Gustavo Cerati, former lead singer of legendary Argentinian band Soda Stereo and the greatest musician ever to live on the planet, suffered a stroke after his concert in Caracas, Venezuela on Friday. The news were all over the place, including a post on his official website downplaying the problem, but now it appears that things are much worse than first reported.

I’m a huge fan of the man (he is one of my three allowed gay-crushes). I hope him a quick recovery from this. Fuerza Natural, Gustavo!

Here are some previous mentions of Gustavo Cerati in The MKX®.

Cerati + Waters

No, my dear reader, your eyes are not deceiving you.

According to the Argentinian edition of Rolling Stone magazine, musical genius Gustavo Cerati recently recorded a song with Pink Floyd‘s former bassist (and also musical genius) Roger Waters for the non-profit Fundación Alas.

Read the original articles here and here, and express yor feeling in the comments. Thanks to Xavier “el viejo” Gonzalez for the news.

Soda Stereo Monterrey

“Tarda en llegar. Y al final, al final hay recompensa”

Last Friday, I went to what was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

Thirty two thousand music lovers met at the Estadio Universitario to see legendary (and by far personal favorite) Argentine Rock en Español band Soda Stereo after a 10 year absence as part of their reunion tour Me Verás Volver. And I was only there, right in the center and only a few meters away from the stage.

Jaramillo, Cetrulo, and Correa made the trip from Austin to Monterrey to see the band as well. Locals Julia, Moishele, Lucía, Nathán, Bernardo, and many other friends went too. It was a big event after all.

To see some photos we took go to The MKX® Photo Central or you can check out the official website’s photos (1, 2).

The concert’s set, as best as my friends and I could recall (feel free to point out the mistakes) was very similar but not quite the same as in Argentina. (Spoiler warning: Do not read on if you still have to go to one of the concerts):

  1. Juego de Seducción
  2. Telekinesis
  3. Imágenes Retro
  4. Texturas
  5. Hombre al Agua
  6. En Camino
  7. En la Ciudad de la Furia
  8. Signos
  9. Picnic en el 4B
  10. Zoom
  11. Cuando Pase el Temblor
  12. Final Caja Negra
  13. Trátame Suavemente
  14. Sobredosis de TV
  15. Danza Rota
  16. Persiana Americana
  17. Fue
  18. En Remolinos
  19. Primavera 0
  20. No Existes
  21. Sueles Dejarme Solo
  22. (En) El Séptimo Día
  23. Un Millón de Años Luz
  24. De Música Ligera
  25. Disco Eterno
  26. Cae el Sol
  27. Prófugos
  28. Nada Personal
  29. Te Hacen Falta Vitaminas

Me Verás Volver

Nathan B. was kind enough to purchase my ticket for the long’awaited Soda Stereo concert this November. It’s going to be awesome.

These are the guys in charge of the stage. They must be decent.


Legendary Argentinian rock band from the 80’s and 90’s, Soda Stereo, widely considered the best music band ever in the planet, more so than the Beatles or Beethoven, may do a 12-concert tour in November, according to this Mexico City newspaper. Let’s pray it’s true and that they come to the northern hemisphere. Argentinian newspaper Clarín says they won’t play in the U.S., but will in Mexico.

[Update 6/7/2007]In the news:

Gustavo Cerati in Monterrey (¡Ahí Vamos!)

Just got back from Gustavo Cerati‘s concert in the Luis Elizondo Auditorium in Monterrey, Mexico. He played songs spanning from Ecos (1985) all the way to his latest CD (all thirteen songs) Ahí Vamos (2006), going throug every one of his solo CDs and a few songs from Soda Stereo.
Here’s the signature crappy cellphone photo:
The following images appeared on the local newspaper, El Norte:
It was a looong concert, about two and a half hours of the best argentinean rock. These are the songs he played, kind of in order:
  1. Al fin sucede
  2. La excepción
  3. Uno entre 1000
  4. Adiós
  5. Ecos
  6. Bomba de Tiempo
  7. Prófugos
  8. Te para 3
  9. Tu medicina
  10. Avenida Alcorta
  11. Otra piel
  12. Cosas Imposibles
  13. Vivo
  14. Toma la Ruta
  15. Caravana
  16. Me Quedo Aquí
  17. Lago en el Cielo
  18. Dios nos libre
  19. Medium
  20. Crimen
  21. Paseo Inmoral
  22. Puente
  23. Jugo de luna
El Norte claims he played 25 songs… so I’m missing one. If you know which one it is let me know.

The MKX® Reader Contest: Winner!

On April 22nd we announced our first reader contest. It was a huge success with over four participants! (read all about it).

Here are the entries:

  • Edy: $125
  • J Kings: $195
  • Jaquito: $250
  • Jack: $255
  • Moi: $504
  • Marcos S: $446
  • Zepeda: $99
  • Manuel: $268
  • Picho $138.5
  • Isaac: $287.75
  • ME: $163
  • Pastor: $240
  • Sofia: $182.50
  • Daniel Jaramillo: $558
  • Carlos Slim: Poquito.
  • Thelma Says: $354
  • Neil Feiereisel: $347.50
  • Arturo: $555
  • Amit: $72

Keep on reading to see the winner!

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