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Batman v Superman spoilerfull review

The critics have universally panned the new “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” movie. I saw it last night.

Is it as terrible as the critics would lead you to believe?

Is it good?
No. It’s ok.

Do you want to read my random ramblings full of spoilers?
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Man of Steel Trailer

The trailer for Man of Steel is now up. As most of you know, a new Superman movie is A Big Deal so I had to post it here.

Hard to say if it’s going to be good. There is barely a glimpse of the villain General Zod (played by Michael Shannon) and he looks nothing like Superman 2’s Zod. Henry Cavill really, really looks the part. And Superman actually throws punches in this movie, not like in that all-but-forgotten Superman Returns POS.

Director Zack Snyder is really hit or miss. He’s got very good movies, but he also has terrible movies. But John Williams’ theme song appears to be missing.

What do you think?

The MKX® Reader Contest: Winner!

On April 22nd we announced our first reader contest. It was a huge success with over four participants! (read all about it).

Here are the entries:

  • Edy: $125
  • J Kings: $195
  • Jaquito: $250
  • Jack: $255
  • Moi: $504
  • Marcos S: $446
  • Zepeda: $99
  • Manuel: $268
  • Picho $138.5
  • Isaac: $287.75
  • ME: $163
  • Pastor: $240
  • Sofia: $182.50
  • Daniel Jaramillo: $558
  • Carlos Slim: Poquito.
  • Thelma Says: $354
  • Neil Feiereisel: $347.50
  • Arturo: $555
  • Amit: $72

Keep on reading to see the winner!

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Superman Returns teaser trailer

John Williams music: check
Marlon Brando as Jor-El’s voice: check
Superman looking younger than me: wait a minute…

Check it out here

Superman Returns shield

This is Superman’s shield that will be used in the upcoming movie. Not bad…
Will we have a remix of John William’s theme too?
Thanks to Super Hero Hype for the link.

The Death of Superman

Christopher Reeve, the actor who became famous for playing Superman in the 1978, 1980, 1983, and 1987 passed away last Sunday from complications due to his condition. After he was paralyzed in an equestrian competition in 1995, Reeve not only put a human face on spinal cord injury but he motivated neuroscientists around the world to conquer the most complex diseases of the brain and central nervous system. (from his biography). He played a hero on the screen and in real life.

Rest in peace.