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Anclas para la Memoria

I took a quick trip and attended the presentation of Thelma Sandler’s new book: “Anclas para la Memoria” (“Anchors for Memory”); a compendium of scripts for theater written by Mexican writer Thelma Sandler.

The presentation was at Centro Cultural Plaza Fátima, where around 200 spectators gathered to see dramatic reading of several of the plays included in the book. It was a very nice event. I highly recommend buying the book.

The stage. On both sides: actors that participated in the reading. At center table: writer Mario Nieves, author Thelma Sandler, director Hernán Galindo.
Hired child models Bernardo and Galia deliver a bouquet to the author.
The Kirsch family posing for a photo with the writer.

Disclaimer: Author is my mom. But I paid for my copy of the book in full.

Update July 31, 2017Newspaper article about the event

Experiencia Rayada

A couple of weeks ago I toured the new stadium with my dad, brothers and their kids and wives. I had already been to the game but for some reason they didn’t let me use the jacuzzi in the locker room that time. Conspicuously absent were my own kid and wife. I suppose they don’t care and I’ll go to Russia by myself in 2018.

The tour is called Experiencia Rayada and here are a few pics.

Trophies. One more to be added in a few weeks.


Home team bench. Very sweaty men usually sit here. I wonder if anyone wipes the seats clean.
Press briefings room.
Outside the stadium.
Awesome views.

The Iron Giant

I finally got to go to Monterrey’s new stadium, the recently inaugurated Estadio BBVA Bancomer. What a beauty – I felt like I was in a different country altogether.

I actually went twice: on April 23 to watch Monterrey 3-2 Queretaro, and then to the Experiencia Rayada tour.

I will miss the decrepit homeyness of Estadio Tecnológico where I spent countless afternoons of soccer; that said, this place is amazing. See for yourself: photos from the match day. Photos from the tour in a separate post.

FullSizeRender 9
Outside the stadium.
FullSizeRender 6
You can watch the game from the restaurant as well.
FullSizeRender 11
The view, at half time.


Arena Coliseo

I used to watch a lot of wrestling growing up. Both WWF (Hulk Hogan is my hero) and Mexican wrestling which was on TV every  Saturday night before a Mauricio Garcés movie. I even knew who the real Mil Máscaras was. And while my dad took me to a WWF event in San Antonio, I never went to the famous Arena Coliseo in Monterrey.

Until last weekend, that is. Jaco my brother, Bernardo my nephew, Eli my cousin, Ori his kid, and Danny my cousin headed to the beautiful arena for 4 hours of non-stop fake violence. And the best part: the main event was a 3 vs 3 fight featuring wrestling superstar Blue Demon Jr:


I’d like to clarify some of the rumors circling around the internet about a photo of myself in the ring with no shirt: they are true, the photo exists but will not be revealed. Unless…

Yesterday I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams: I climbed on the ropes of the ring at the wrestling venue Arena Coliseo. I was booed by the audience, they thought I was a heel. If I get 200 likes I’ll post the photo. (link)

– Marcos Kirsch on Facebook

As of now, we are well short of 200 likes, so the photo shall remain out of sight.
In the background: You gotta love Mexico. Kids are free to go in the ring and beat each other up in between fights.


Left to right: Ori N., Eli N., Marcos K., David C., Bernardo K.


He cried that he didn’t want to go. He was forced to go. He loved every minute of it and did not even sit down or close his mouth for the four hours of wrestling.


Yes, that’s Blue Demon Jr. kicking butt.


The tragic Cerro de la Silla aerial tramway

The “Cerro de la Silla” (Saddle Hill) is the symbol of my hometown Monterrey, Mexico. The view in the photo above is basically the view I saw everyday driving from my house to school and college. I remember hearing two interesting stories about the iconic mountain while growing up:

First, the rumor that on top of it there are living pterodactyls (pterosaurs?). While I haven’t confirmed this one, the fact that at least you can find mentions about it online means that at least I did hear it somewhere.

The second was about this building you can see halfway up, on the north side. Map. What I was told as a kid is that a local entrepreneur wanted to build an air tram as a tourist attraction. It was finished but on its inauguration day on the first trip, him and some other people were killed in an accident, making it the last trip as well. More info in this page. Original footage below:

CIM 75th Anniversary

A large celebration for my Alma Mater’s 75th anniversary was held on Saturday night. I went to Colegio Israelita de Monterrey – the only Jewish school in Monterrey, Mexico. I studied there from kindergarden to ninth grade in a very small class (I doubt the whole school ever reached 120 students at any time throughout its existence).

The event was streamed over a live internet webcast and ex-students around the world got together to watch it. All five of us ex-students in Austin got together at my house.

Here’s one video they showed at the event. See if you can spot me…

Colegio Israelita de Monterrey 75 Años from Jorge Moreno on Vimeo.