The tragic Cerro de la Silla aerial tramway

The “Cerro de la Silla” (Saddle Hill) is the symbol of my hometown Monterrey, Mexico. The view in the photo above is basically the view I saw everyday driving from my house to school and college. I remember hearing two interesting stories about the iconic mountain while growing up:

First, the rumor that on top of it there are living pterodactyls (pterosaurs?). While I haven’t confirmed this one, the fact that at least you can find mentions about it online means that at least I did hear it somewhere.

The second was about this building you can see halfway up, on the north side. Map. What I was told as a kid is that a local entrepreneur wanted to build an air tram as a tourist attraction. It was finished but on its inauguration day on the first trip, him and some other people were killed in an accident, making it the last trip as well. More info in this page. Original footage below:

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