Gustavo Cerati in Monterrey (¡Ahí Vamos!)

Just got back from Gustavo Cerati‘s concert in the Luis Elizondo Auditorium in Monterrey, Mexico. He played songs spanning from Ecos (1985) all the way to his latest CD (all thirteen songs) Ahí Vamos (2006), going throug every one of his solo CDs and a few songs from Soda Stereo.
Here’s the signature crappy cellphone photo:
The following images appeared on the local newspaper, El Norte:
It was a looong concert, about two and a half hours of the best argentinean rock. These are the songs he played, kind of in order:
  1. Al fin sucede
  2. La excepción
  3. Uno entre 1000
  4. Adiós
  5. Ecos
  6. Bomba de Tiempo
  7. Prófugos
  8. Te para 3
  9. Tu medicina
  10. Avenida Alcorta
  11. Otra piel
  12. Cosas Imposibles
  13. Vivo
  14. Toma la Ruta
  15. Caravana
  16. Me Quedo Aquí
  17. Lago en el Cielo
  18. Dios nos libre
  19. Medium
  20. Crimen
  21. Paseo Inmoral
  22. Puente
  23. Jugo de luna
El Norte claims he played 25 songs… so I’m missing one. If you know which one it is let me know.

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