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NYC Marathon

Running a Marathon is no small feat. I just got a cramp from thinking about it.

It is with utter respect and awe that I congratulate my brother Jacobo and my friend Eduardo a.k.a. Aizik for running the New York City Marathon.


You can read more about it in their respective blogs: BRNR (warning: Spanish) and Kirsch Running (warning: poor Spanish but mostly photos)

A Kirsch finishes a half marathon

Jacobo (green) concentrates really hard to prevent throwing up, closely followed by a 70-year-old senior citizen who appears to be wearing adult diapers (orange)

This is my brother Jacobo. He ran the Miami Half Marathon on January 30th. This is particularly impressive because my family (myself included) is genetically engineered to prevent any kind of prolonged physical activity – with the exception of TV watching.

Congratulations! Slow-motion replay of him crossing the line embedded below: