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Eeyore’s 47th Birthday

Eeyore’s 47t birthday

It was a busy Saturday. After a cultural morning at Art City Austin, I headed over to Pease Park for Eeyore’s 47th birthday party. This year it seemed even more crowded than the years before. The usual assortment of colorful costumes, drum circles, dancing, beer, topless hippies, and family vibe was present again.

I have posted some higher-than-usual quality photos in The MKX® Photo Central of this awesome Austin tradition. They were taken with Jaramillo’s big manly camera, not my tiny puny pocket toy.

Eeyore’s 46th Birthday + Where’s Waldo

Update 4/28: Now on The Austinist.

Update 4/27: The Daily Texan has posted an article with video. Try finding Jamie S.,  Carrie S., Marcos K., Jaramillo, or Tim H. in it. If you see them, post the time in the comments!

Eeyore's 46th birthday

Yesterday was Eeyore’s 46th Birthday (previously covered in The MKX®), celebrated every year in Austin, TX. To spice things up, but mostly to give me something to post about in this blog, I joined the people of flash mob austin to take part in their latest prank: The World’s Largest Live Where’s Waldo Search Party.

Most of the Waldo's lookalikes. Don't bother finding the real Waldo, he's not in the picture.

It’s easy: you dress like the notorious M.I.A. cartoon character and blend in with the wholesome crowd of Austin original hippies, little boys, and topless women. The real Waldo is walking around as well (it’s actually a guy dressed like him, but you get the point) and whoever finds him gets a prize.

More photos and a video after the break.
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