Halloween on Sixth Street


The Ugly Nun takes a break. “El Biker” makes an appearance. A bunch of friends and I headed downtown to check out the costumes. Just like every year, there were thousands of people on the streets wearing some very cool costumes and most women were dressed up as “slutty ” (but not my friends, they’re nice girls.

Note my cool mustache and sideburns. I had girls all over me, even more than the usual. Like flies all over a honey-smeared Marcos! I thought about it loooong and hard this morning, but at the end I shaved it all off. I’ll miss you mustache and sideburns. You made other guys fear me in the streets and the woman lust after me. Anyway, go see the photos, but keep in mind Andres is semi-nude in them. So if you’re pregnant, have back problems, or a weak stomach, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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