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Eight years of The MKX®

That’s right! Today is the 8th anniversary of The MKX®, the premiere destination for all things inconsequential. Man, time really flies. People that weren’t yet born when we published our first post are now of reading age.

It took Google less than eight years to become a multi-million dollar business, and it is now apparent that we are growing at a slower pace. Our financial experts predict we will hit the figure in no less than eight and a half years. So be it.

Thank you for your continued support. And Happy New Year!

The MKX® 7th Anniversary

Last night we held the celebrations for the 7th Anniversary of The MKX® (first post).

How things have changed since then: Barack Obama hadn’t been born. Arnold Schwarzenegger was still in good shape. Michael Jackson was already white. Monterrey had only one championship under its belt. Global warming was well underway but did not scare anyone yet. I’m glad to report that the world has changed and out 706 posts have been the ones driving these changes.

Think about it: Kids that weren’t even born back when we started blogging are now old enough to read this junk and have their little malleable brains rot. For their sake we hope their parents have the good sense of not letting them read The MKX®. To everyone else (that’s you): Thanks for reading!

Photos from the party will be posted soon. Oh, and happy 2010.

The MKX®: Now better tasting


Ever heard of delicious, formerly and more cleverly known as del.icio.us? Yes you have.

Since March of 2005, a list of links I add to my delicious account show up in the sidebar of my blog. As you may have noticed a couple of days ago, I’ve improved upon this and modified the blog’s RSS feed so that those links show up there as well. Hooray!

So if you currently subscribe to both The MKX®‘s feed AND to my delicious feed, you can remove the delicious one. If you don’t subscribe to neither, you don’t know what you’re missing. Go read this now.


It was bound to happen.

This guy Alejandro “Richie” Corona has started a Facebook group protesting the new design of The MKX®. He even created a logo, showcasing his MS Paintbrush skills (yes, Paintbrush, not Paint… he never upgraded):

Join if you want me to go back.
Join if you want me to go back.

Some people just seem to always go against change. These are the same people who are still playing Pong on little black and white TVs. They IM each other using ICQ. They browse the internet on 14.4 kbaud/s modems using Netscape Navigator. They still fax jokes to each other and carry a boombox around.

And they can’t accept a new layout for The MKX®.

To join their group and stay behind in the dark ages, go here. If the group reaches a membership of five (5), then I will go back to the old layout. And if you send this email to all your friends, then Bill Gates and AOL will deposit $5 to your bank account for each of them.