Like the good ol’times

Diego and Joe were in town last weekend. Diego came to play at the UT MBA soccer tournament (4 games in 2 days). Joe came to exert his bad influence on me. For those not in the know, Joe and I were on the same ulpan program in Kibbutz Yehiam in 1995. Diego then joined us in early 1996 for the legendary Machon Le’Madrichei Chul in the City of Gold herself, Jerusalem. We all look exactly the same we did back then except we changed our haircuts.

We also partied like it was 1996, except instead of gross Outcider with drank scoth; and instead of Scatman and theMacarena we went to huge salsa/banghra party. My body, however, is not the same that it was in 1996 and the pain inflicted by nostalgia will be felt for at least a week. That’s cool, we had a blast. I leave you with a few photos and look forward for more hachshara buddies to come and visit.

At Union Park

With UT's mascot Bevo (right)
With UT's mascot Bevo (right)
In fron of the UT tower


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