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Trapeze – trailer

No time right now to write about the whole thing. I will do that later, and I will also post the full videos. For now, I leave you with a little bit of iMovie magic to whet your appetite.

Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival

Today was the first ever Gypsy Picnic Trailer Food Festival. Food trailers have been popping up everywhere in Austin these last few years. The great thing about food trailers is that you can drive them around, so finally somebody had the great idea of putting a festival together at Auditorium Shores: Good, varied, affordable food all in one place.

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Yahoo! Movies: TRON: Legacy 2010

The second trailer for what should be the best movie of 2010 is not online. Go check it out. I hope you are old enough to remember the first Tron.
Yahoo! Movies: TRON: Legacy 2010.


Sometimes people see this blog and tell me: “you must have a lot of free time” (I don’t). Let me show you, my friends, what having a lot of free time really is: