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We did a short trip to Los Angeles for Sarvi’s wedding last week. Which means I couldn’t resist hopping over to Disneyland Park.

I brought the family along, which slowed me down considerably (lesson learned!) but still managed to cover quite a bit:

The original Disneyland is still the nicest! Next time I’ll plan it better and stay longer. I need to go back soon anyway, since Ari probably already forgot about it.

My brother is even more inadequate

Well, here I am full of warm and fuzzy feelings with my beautiful multi-monitor rig, and along comes my brother (the one who is not even an engineer!) and emails me a photo of his rig.

Nine monitors total. And he claims they are FDA approved to boot, in case you wanted to eat one. Also, you can see that he uses the exact same phone I use at my office, which doesn’t mean anything but I wanted to point it out. He’s a couple of screens shy of recreating his own Circle-Vision 360°, which is cool but is no Space Mountain (not even a Pirates of the Caribbean).

It is still unclear how many screens are driven by the same computer.

Yahoo! Movies: TRON: Legacy 2010

The second trailer for what should be the best movie of 2010 is not online. Go check it out. I hope you are old enough to remember the first Tron.
Yahoo! Movies: TRON: Legacy 2010.