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Childhood dream moments

I grew up in the eighties. Like every other healthy kid who grew up in the eighties, I like Star Wars and Back to the Future. Last month there were two moments that made my inner kid happy. I share below.

Captured by the Evil Galactic Empire. At Alamo Drafthouse Village after watching Solo.
Sitting in the DeLorean from Back to the Future. Even got to put on the orange vest. This is at NIWeek 2018.

Spoiler-free Star Wars thoughts

Jorge Valdano wisely said: “El fútbol es lo más importante entre las cosas menos importantes” (“Soccer is the most important thing among the least important things”).

He is right. This is my addendum: “Star Wars is the second most important thing amongst the least important things”.

As in soccer, you can get into fist fights about Star Wars. But unlike soccer, Star Wars-related fist fights are quick and unfair because you’re fighting trekkies.

I liked the movie, and it wasn’t a redo of an old one. Go see it.

Darth Ilan fan mail

We at The MKX® receive hundreds… well maybe tens of fan emails every day. This recent one caught our eye, send by Jaco:


Thank you! Keep them coming!

Best ad ever

Sorry, I don’t want this blog to turn into a “Best of YouTube” website. But this one is really good: Currys & PC World Megastores TV Ad Director’s Cut.

Today’s quote: Simon Pegg

Watching TPM (The Phantom Menace) in 3D would be like the car actually crashing into your face as opposed to just unfolding before your eyes. (via Twitter)

Yesterday George Lucas announced that he’s going to re-release all six Star Wars movies, this time converted in 3D. Please stop, George. Haven’t you already done enough?

Star Wars Cantina 2010

I had a dream not long ago that went exactly like this. Thanks to Karina Merino for the link.

Lightsaber battle between two girls in their underwear

This is what George Lucas should have given us instead of <shudder>Jar-Jar Binks</shudder>.

The Vader Project


The Vader Project: 100 Reimagined Darth Vader helmets… Premiering at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Show runs February 13 – May 3, 2009. See the gallery here.  See my submissions here and here.