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Darth Ilan fan mail

We at The MKX® receive hundreds… well maybe tens of fan emails every day. This recent one caught our eye, send by Jaco:


Thank you! Keep them coming!

Best ad ever

Sorry, I don’t want this blog to turn into a “Best of YouTube” website. But this one is really good: Currys & PC World Megastores TV Ad Director’s Cut.

Today’s quote: Simon Pegg

Watching TPM (The Phantom Menace) in 3D would be like the car actually crashing into your face as opposed to just unfolding before your eyes. (via Twitter)

Yesterday George Lucas announced that he’s going to re-release all six Star Wars movies, this time converted in 3D. Please stop, George. Haven’t you already done enough?

Star Wars Cantina 2010

I had a dream not long ago that went exactly like this. Thanks to Karina Merino for the link.

Lightsaber battle between two girls in their underwear

This is what George Lucas should have given us instead of <shudder>Jar-Jar Binks</shudder>.