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Darth Ilan fan mail

We at The MKX® receive hundreds… well maybe tens of fan emails every day. This recent one caught our eye, send by Jaco:


Thank you! Keep them coming!

World Cup Autograph

I forgot to post about the autograph I was able to get from Uruguay’s star forward Luis Suárez while in Brazil. Isn’t it cool?

Luis Suarez autograph
My very own autograph from Uruguay’s star forward Luis Suarez.

Note to self: get tested for rabies.

Israel vs starving photoshopped models

A man walks past an advertisement displayed on a main street in Tel Aviv, Israel, on March 19, 2012.

Readers may remember (more likely not) my posture towards the use of Photoshop to alter the look of models.

Now Israel has passed a law that:

  1. Bans models with a BMI of 18.5 or less.
  2. Requires that agencies tell their audience if they’ve digitally altered pictures to make models look thinner.

Thankfully my current BMI leaves the door open for me to work as a model in Israel, shall the need arise (my current face and body are a different story).

I’m also glad this gives me an excuse to post an image of a bunch of Israeli models in bikini on my blog.

Exclusive: Gaddafi found!

Breaking news: Muammar Gaddafi has been found. He’s been hiding in plain sight. Photographic evidence follows.

Source: D. Kahn

On photo retouching

More and more I’m disgusted by the excessive photograph retouching that goes on on a daily basis (also known as “photoshopping”) in all sorts of advertisement. The idea is to turn the already attractive models into beings with biologically impossibly long legs and small waists, while promoting a large dose of eating disorders, self-image problems, and impossible expectations from real people. And all just to sell a little more. I also hate the fact that I am basically being lied to.

A few notes of interest in this front.

1. Kudos to singer Britney Spears, who released the before and after photos of her recent photo shoot for a Candie’s campaign. Here’s a cool animated gif comparing the photos:

2. Kudos to France, who are mulling a law that would make it a requirement to add a warning on any retouched photo, indicating that it was, indeed retouched.

3. Kudos to French magazine Marie Claire, whose April edition was “Photoshop-free”. And the girls still look attractive! They also featured Jessica Simpson both  Photoshop and makeup-free in their cover.

4. Part of the problem is that nowadays any idiot has access to a computer powerful enough and software powerful enough to do some serious retouching. Exhibit A: Funny yet sad blog dedicated to retouching gone bad is worth a visit: PhotoshopDisasters.

5. Part of the problem is that nowadays any idiot has access to a computer powerful enough and software powerful enough to do some serious retouching. Exhibit B: The MKX® Photo Central | Digital Magic.

O Rei Pelé

This photo was taken a few years ago but never got posted in the blog. Hope you like it*.

O Rei do futebol Pelé & o Rei do MKX® Marcos.

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Felipe Calderón and me

People think this was photoshopped*, but no: that’s really how big his head is.

President of Mexico Felipe Calderón & President of The MKX® Marcos Kirsch

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