Austin Jewish Film Festival

Two movies I saw at the recent Austin Jewish Film Festival, both of them I recommend.

First, “Cohen On The Bridge”. Director Andrew Weinrib had unprecedented access to surviving hostages and commandos from Operation Entebbe. He assembled a fast paced 20 minute animated short with interviews in the background about the operation. The visuals are stunning and the story riveting. You can’t even blink. It was followed by a Q&A with the director that was equally interesting.

Director of Cohen on the Bridge Andrew Weinrib at a Q&A during the Austin Jewish Film Festival.

You can see the trailer here, but you may need Facebook access. This movie you must see. And a full length film is in the works.

Second, I saw “This is Sodom”, a movie by  the guys from Eretz Nehederet. This dumb comedy was a surprise record breaker in Israel and is actually really funny. Trailer below:

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