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Little Old Faithful

I’ve always wanted to see Old Faithful the geyser. Well, turns out there is a geyser in Calistoga, CA sneakily called Old Faithful of California. Of course the signs say “Old Faithful” in huge letters and “of California” in tiny subscript under it.

The science behind the magic.

The geyser erupts every 10 minutes or so. While it’s not super impressive and certainly smaller compared to my mental picture of the real Old Faithful, it is pretty cool. Makes me wish I had my own little personal geyser to use as a bidet.

Old Faithful standing in front of the geyser.

I risked my life to get close enough just so I could get you this video:

Hardly Strictly

Last weekend I officially started warming up for ACL by attending a different massive music festival, this one in San Francisco and all bluegrass: Hardly Strictly.

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Chinese New Year Parade

As part of my many activities in the Bay Area last weekend, Shlomit and I went to San Francisco to check out the mythical Chinese New Year Parade that’s been an anual tradition there for many years. While many dragons took part in it, I was very disappointed to learn that they were not real: they are mostly cloth with people inside. What I did not expect at all was the brief but clear nudity. I did not know there was any in this event, nor am I sure that it was intentional. You can see it in the video I put together, embedded above.