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Beer bottle collection

For years I accumulated this incredible collection of beer bottles. It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but I no longer have the room for them. All that is left left are my memories and these photos.

I haven’t yet gotten rid of them. If you want them, you can have them. They look really nice on a well lit display.

Beer and cheese tasting

Austin food blogger and friend Jodi Bart organized a beer and cheese tasting together with Amy Cartwright of local beer company Independence Brewing Co. and John and Kendall Antonelli of upcoming Antonelli’s Cheese early in the morning last Saturday (1 PM).

Fortunately, beer is one of my favorite things, and cheese is somewhere high up in the list as well;  so I could not miss it. Read more if you dare…

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Bohemia Bock

I should have posted this back in late December or early January…

My dad, the cool and considerate parent that he is, was able to score one of only three thousand Limited Edition Bohemia Bock released late last year (not an easy feat). It comes in a beautifully designed champagne-like bottle and is packaged in a box. He got it for me through his college friend Jorge Luis Ramos, who offered to gift me the bottle when my dad told him that he keeps bringing me cases of the beers I like yet can’t be bought in the U.S. whenever he drives into Austin. A big public thank you.

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My very own Bohemia Bock.

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Family visit

As you can see in the photo, my parents and Moi were in town last weekend for Arturito and Debbie’s wedding. I will post something about that sometime in the future.

Above: two boxes of Noche Buena beer (2008 edition), one box of Carta Blanca Edición Especial (which came out recently and I’ve never tried) and one bottle of Tequila Herradura Reposado. My parents think, apparently, that this is the only way to get my friends to hang out with me.

They’re right.

Happy 2007

Four years and counting… (see previous New Year entries: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006).The MKX Staff® wishes all its readers a Happy New Year, even better than 2006. May all your wishes come true.Personally, I had quite an interesting New Year’s evening. Went to five different parties through the night, and then had to go take care of something that involved policemen, fights, lawyers and jails (nothing too serious, don’t worry). I finally got home and went to sleep around 11:00 AM. Not a night that will be forgotten soon, that’s for sure.I have selected a very appropriate photo to grace this post: Mr. Aaron Kirsch and Moishele sent me two boxes of Special Edition 2007 Nochebuena and Casta beer. Andres was kind of enough to bring them to Austin.

Nochebuena and Casta beer, yummy