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Beer bottle collection

For years I accumulated this incredible collection of beer bottles. It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but I no longer have the room for them. All that is left left are my memories and these photos.

I haven’t yet gotten rid of them. If you want them, you can have them. They look really nice on a well lit display.

10+ years in the making

For ten years I hauled cases of Indio beer across the border, dreaming of the day I can go to a bar and just order one.

That day has come.


Nochebuena beer in Texas

Three months exactly after I move out of Austin, I get word that you can now buy Nochebuena beer at HEB. Go stock up, friends!


Noche Buena 2011

Just as my 2010 stock was depleted, I received the 2011 shipment (thank you, parents). As far as I know, my house is the only household in Austin with a uninterrupted supply of Noche Buena beer since 2002. Feel free to stop by for a cold one!

Noche Buena beer 2011

Bohemia Frida Kahlo

My parents were in town recently. Faithful to the tradition, my dad brought me a fancy beer. This time it was the new special edition Bohemia Frida Kahlo. That’s right: it’s Bohemia Beer, but the image of the famous Mexican painter is all over it. The beer itself comes in two different flavors and there is a booklet with some history. Check it out:

Bohemia Frida Kahlo
Bohemia Frida Kahlo

Beer and cheese tasting

Austin food blogger and friend Jodi Bart organized a beer and cheese tasting together with Amy Cartwright of local beer company Independence Brewing Co. and John and Kendall Antonelli of upcoming Antonelli’s Cheese early in the morning last Saturday (1 PM).

Fortunately, beer is one of my favorite things, and cheese is somewhere high up in the list as well;  so I could not miss it. Read more if you dare…

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