Beer and cheese tasting

Austin food blogger and friend Jodi Bart organized a beer and cheese tasting together with Amy Cartwright of local beer company Independence Brewing Co. and John and Kendall Antonelli of upcoming Antonelli’s Cheese early in the morning last Saturday (1 PM).

Fortunately, beer is one of my favorite things, and cheese is somewhere high up in the list as well;  so I could not miss it. Read more if you dare…

The tasting went something like this: We met at the brewery and sat at nicely set picnic tables. There were a total of fifty people. The organizers paired up 4 different sets of beer + cheese. The experts talked about the history and making and what not about each cheese and beer, and then we’d go on to eat each pair. They also had some delicious bread – and this post is sounding too much like a commercial, but here it goes: from Bona Dea bakery. You had a little form to make notes about the cheese and the beer and grade them. I noticed the grades got higher the more beer I had in my mostly empty stomach. Coincidence?

I will let you check out many more photos (I’m in one of them!) and read more details on the specific pairing in Jodi’s Tasty Touring blog.

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