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Keep Berkeley Weird

People kept telling me how Berkeley is so much “weirder” than Austin. So as I headed out to grab me some lunch I was excited to see this fully ornamented “Frida Kahlo” car:

Frida Kahlo VW Jetta

Then I looked more closely. Never mind:

Yes, it had Texas plates too.

And the hunt for weird goes on…

Bohemia Frida Kahlo

My parents were in town recently. Faithful to the tradition, my dad brought me a fancy beer. This time it was the new special edition Bohemia Frida Kahlo. That’s right: it’s Bohemia Beer, but the image of the famous Mexican painter is all over it. The beer itself comes in two different flavors and there is a booklet with some history. Check it out:

Bohemia Frida Kahlo
Bohemia Frida Kahlo