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Bohemia Bock

I should have posted this back in late December or early January…

My dad, the cool and considerate parent that he is, was able to score one of only three thousand Limited Edition Bohemia Bock released late last year (not an easy feat). It comes in a beautifully designed champagne-like bottle and is packaged in a box. He got it for me through his college friend Jorge Luis Ramos, who offered to gift me the bottle when my dad told him that he keeps bringing me cases of the beers I like yet can’t be bought in the U.S. whenever he drives into Austin. A big public thank you.

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My very own Bohemia Bock.

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The Boricua Report

Road to AreciboCockpitSnorkeling at Parguera

I’m typing this as I fly back from San Juan to Dallas, since I have no more DVDs to watch. It was a very nice change of pace flying last Thursday to Puerto Rico (pronounced Puelto Lico) for a week on a recruiting trip with National Instruments. Luis Orozco, Nick Marquez and myself flew to the town of Mayagüez, on the west side of the Island. There is a big campus of the Universidad de Puerto Rico that specializes in Engineering (computer, electrical, mechanical… you name it).

While I could go on here telling you about our adventures involving missed flights (screw you American Airlines and your hour-long check-in lines), very small airplanes, giant radiotelescopes, man-eating plants, etc, I’ll just let you see the photos yourself (after the commercial break).

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Ingeniero Nerd visits Austin

From left to right:José Antonio Aguilar, Marcos Kirsch, José Euclides Correa (with Diego Correa), Alejandro del Castillo and Jerónimo Mota.

After two years or so, my very good friend Jose Antonio Aguilar (who studied with me and came dangerously close to displacing me as my parents’ third favorite child) came to visit over Memorial weekend.

That means that out of 20 or so that graduated in December of 2000 from ISE (Electronics Systems Engineer) at ITESM, five were at my place drinking Indio beer, just like the good old days. Except we had more hair. And no baby.

Jaramillo, Daniela, Paty and others joined us for the fun. We had a great BBQ, we went to Austin hallmark Barton Springs Pool, and we drank beer for three days straight and stared at hot girls without actually talking to any of them. As I said… just like the good old days. Oh, yes, we also met Jaramillo’s uncle Klaus.

Lucho Pérez

Yesterday, as I was walking aimlessly in the International Terminal at Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez in Mexico City, I bumped into the Mexican National Team on their way to play against Ghana.

All the other players ran ran away at the sight of a drunken fan, but thankfully Mexico’s (and Monterrey‘s) star midfielder Luis Ernesto Pérez was too busy buying a milkshake and couldn’t escape. Here’s the proof:

At least one of these two fine gentleman will go to Germany this summer.

By the way, did you know you could buy Indio beer for $29 pesos and then walk around with the bottle in the airport? Neither did I. What a pleasant surprise!