Lucho Pérez

Yesterday, as I was walking aimlessly in the International Terminal at Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez in Mexico City, I bumped into the Mexican National Team on their way to play against Ghana.

All the other players ran ran away at the sight of a drunken fan, but thankfully Mexico’s (and Monterrey‘s) star midfielder Luis Ernesto Pérez was too busy buying a milkshake and couldn’t escape. Here’s the proof:

At least one of these two fine gentleman will go to Germany this summer.

By the way, did you know you could buy Indio beer for $29 pesos and then walk around with the bottle in the airport? Neither did I. What a pleasant surprise!

2 thoughts on “Lucho Pérez”

  1. helloo!!!!
    i´m here because i´m a big fan of *Lucho* =)
    I´m from Monterrey, México. =) and onbviously, my team is Los Rayados del Monterrey* =) the team in which *Lucho* plays.
    Your picture is wonderful =) i also have one with *Lucho* =)

    take care!!! =)

    *_______________________________________CeSia* 😎

    this is my fotolog of *LuChO*: =D

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