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Keyboard washing

The keys on the keyboard I use for my Mac mini got sticky at some point last December. I didn’t spill anything on it nor has anyone else admitted to any accidental spills. While that mystery will probably remain unsolved, the keyboard was driving me crazy. It worked, but many keys were hard to press and took forever to come back after pressed.

So I did something either very smart or incredibly stupid. Judge by the photo:

This schmuck waters his keyboards more often than his plants.
This schmuck waters his keyboards more often than his plants.

So, what do you think?


Dirty comments on how the keys got sticky in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

Come back in a couple of days to find out!

Chupete vs Santos

Rayados forward Humberto “Chupete” Suazo likes to score goals against Santos Laguna in finals. The man is a gifted genius. The third goal he scored in the Mexican League 2010 final was amazing. And yesterday he scored again in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final after dribbling his way around 6 opponents. They are both great goals.

Which one do you like better?

Monterrey 3-0 Santos – 2010 Mexican League Final

Monterrey 2-0 Santos – 2012 CONCACAF Champions League Final (1st leg)


Mazinger Z

By random chance (read: boredom) I entered a nondescript all-Asian mall near Berkeley. Then I found a nameless store. And they had this on display:

Mazinger Z / Tranzor Z
A giant doll of Mazinger Z (a.k.a. Tranzor Z).

A giant model of Mazinger Z (a.k.a. Tranzor Z)!

Yes, the giant robot that represents the single greatest creation of Japanese culture at its peak. It sells for $650 USD. No, that’s no typo.

Should I buy, or should I pass?



I often go swimming for exercise and I love it. With local treasures like Deep Eddy and Barton Springs, how wouldn’t I? So it was natural for me to buy a decent, appropriate, comfortable swimsuit. My choice of a new Speedo swimming suit has caused all sorts of unexpected controversy among my acquaintances. On one hand, some people want me to never show myself in public while wearing it. On the other hand, some people want my photo wearing it to grace my Facebook profile.

With all important matters such as Presidential elections, it is always better to let the uneducated and apathetic public decide. So cast your vote now…



Should I pay for carbonated water?

I often eat at places that have self-serve soda machines. As you surely know, you pay up-front for a drink such as Coca-Cola or Sprite. After that, you are entitled to get as many refills of your favorite artificially flavored drink as you want. You can even drink one glass of one flavor and then switch, or create your own mix!

If instead you choose to be healthy and not fill your body with chemicals, sugar (or a chemically-engineered substitute), and other bone destroying agents, you tell the cashier that you just want water. You get a cup (often different) and you are entitled to get water from the same machine, but not flavored soda – but you don’t pay for it.

Here’s the dilemma and I want to settle this once and for all: A lot of these machines offer “soda”, which is water but carbonated. If you don’t pay for your drink, only for “just water”, are you entitled to drinking “soda”? Or just the non-carbonated version commonly known as water?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Most of the costs involved in providing these drinks are fixed regardless of what you get: electricity for the machine, the cost of the cup if disposable or the cost of washing it, the cost of the ice-making process, the nominal cost of the actual water.
  • Sprite, Coke, and friends get their own dedicated dispensing terminal with colorful and attractive photos, but water is relegated to a little white lever, almost as an afterthought. Soda, like water, is also relegated to a little white lever (see image).
  • The carbonation process amounts to dissolving air in water. We normally do not pay for air.

So I tap into the infinite wisdom of collective knowledge known as The Internet:

Should I pay for unflavored soda?



Please vote, and if you have any additional insight, feel free to leave a comment.

It’s a Kirsch!

My new nephew
My new nephew

My little older brother Jacobo and his wife Joana had a healthy baby boy this morning. Why does he look so pissed off? Is it because he hasn’t met his favorite uncle yet? No. He still doesn’t know what he’s been missing all his life. The reason he’s so angry is that people have been calling him names, except for his name, because he doesn’t have one.

So Jaco and Joana asked me to come up with something.

I’m all about delegating, so I delegate to you, dear extensive readership, to help them pick a name. If your help is worthy, I promise an All-extreme-closeup Photo Gallery Exclusive Extravaganza of next week’s bris. So, pick your favorite from the list below. As an experiment, you are even allowed to add new options to the poll (yeah… that just can’t go wrong). Happy naming!


Update: His name is Bernardo.

Browser comparison

Safari 4 just came out of beta. I gave it a try at my work computer (a Windows XP machine) just to go back to Chrome shortly after. Now I’m back with Safari. The main reason? Text rendering. See, in Safari you can configure the browser to render its text like Mac OS X does. In my opinion, text looks a lot better in Mac OS X than it does in Windows. Sure, it’s a matter of taste; my excellent taste versus other people’s terrible taste.

To illustrate my point, I took a screenshot of the Facebook homepage. Why? Because it shows text in the English, Hebrew, and Arabic alphabet. You’ll see how Safari’s text looks much better. From left to right: Apple Safari 4, Google Chrome 2.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0,and MS Internet Explorer 7.0:

Web browser comparison on Windows XP: Safari 4, Google Chrome 2.0, Mozilla Firefox 3.0, and MS Internet Explorer 7.0 (click to zoom)

What do you think? Which one do you like better?