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Austin City Limits

Yesterday, despite the record heat and the earlier soccer game, I decided to go to the Austin City Limits festival. I bought a last minute ticket from some guy who decided he had had enough of the 40 degree Celsius temperature for about 1/6th of the regular price.
Franz Ferdinand and Coldplay were the big attractions of the night (during the day I saw some smaller bands) and they were excellent. I’m especially surprised by the show put on by Coldplay. I heard Oasis was terrible last night though, that’s too bad… and Aterciopelados canceled because of the hurricane Rita scare.

I will say, I have never seen so much dust and this morning I was still coughing mud. It was worth it though.

I’ll upload some photos later tonight.

Austin City Limits: Café Tacuba


I got to see Café Tacuba today live in the small TV studio where they shoot the famous Austin City Limits show. Front row… Tune in to see me jumping to the tune of “La Chica Banda”.Oh yeah, and I have tickets for their concert tomorrow.

(Thanks to Jaramillo who went early and got in line to get the tickets)

Update 7/12/2005: Just returned from the concert. It was much longer and better…

SXSW 2005

Lots of mexican bands this year in SXSW:

Album (Monterrey)

Cartel de Santa (Monterrey)

Conspiracion Alga 5 (Guadalajara)

Divisi�n Min�scula (Monterrey)

El Gran Silencio (Monterrey)

Inspector (Monterrey)

Ni�o Astronauta (Ensenada)

Pilaseca (San Miguel de Allende)

Plastilina Mosh (Monterrey)

Seis Pistos (Chihuahua).

Sussie 4 (Guadalajara).

Vaquero (Monterrey).

Volovan (Monterrey).

See the complete lineup

This goes on from March 11 till March 20. Any recommendations?

Update: One colombian band (Superlitio) will also be there.
Update 2: Jaramillo points out that Andre Echeverry will be there as well (vocalist of Aterciopelados)

Once again… Caf� Tacvba

For the third time in the last few months (in La Husteca and in Austin City Limits I went to see Caf� Tacvba. This time they played at La Zona Rosa.

Ely Guerra and Control Machete opened the concert.


So I heard Rush was coming to town (actually, to Selma, TX, about an hour drive away). I’m no Rush fan so I didn’t care (although many friends did and were talking about six months ago). On Friday, the day of the concert, Neil, Drew and his newly wed wife (congratulations!) are about to leave, but she’s really sick. So there’s an extra ticket and I end up going to the Rush concert (which, by the way, was very very good). Thanks for the ticket, Drew!
Also there: Cetrulo, Gustavo, Andés and Colibrí.

Austin City Limits

Last Saturday we went to the second Austin City Limits Music Festival. This huge three day event is hosted in Zilker Park. Why did I go on Saturday (and not on Sunday, when R.E.M. played)?
To see Café Tacvba, of course. They are, I think, the best band in México today. The concert was excellent and much better in every aspect than anything else I saw at the festival. To bad it was so short.

Pearl Jam

Last Saturday I went to the Pearl Jam concert in San Antonio. It was kind of a random last-minute thing. Alex Schwarz drove from Monterrey to Austin on Friday, called me about, told me about the concert and we bought the tickets. Good concert, even though I’m not a big Pearl Jam fan.

Next show: Cirque Du Soleil

Molotov is in the house

Last night, as part of the South by Southwest music festival, I went to a concert in The Vibe in 6th street

Two bands from Monterrey, México played, Panda (not so good) and Jumbo (very good). Then the Peruvian band Libido played.

The main event of the night was the band of chilangos Molotov. I was very impressed how they rotated the instruments, and you could tell they are far better that the other bands right away just by listening to them for five minutes. There was slam, ripped clothes, blood, the whole thing. The played some of their hits and some of their new songs (Frijolero, Queremos Pastel, Dance and Dense Denso) but to my dissapointment there was no Chang�ich a la Chichona.

Cerati in Monterrey

Last night, Gustavo Cerati, former lead singer of the greatest latin rock band ever Soda Stereo had his concert in the Escena discotheque, in Monterrey, Mexico for his latest album Siempre es Hoy. Unfortunately, I could not go. Here’s hoping that he will come to Austin, Houston, Dallas, or anything within reach.