SXSW 2005

Lots of mexican bands this year in SXSW:

Album (Monterrey)

Cartel de Santa (Monterrey)

Conspiracion Alga 5 (Guadalajara)

Divisi�n Min�scula (Monterrey)

El Gran Silencio (Monterrey)

Inspector (Monterrey)

Ni�o Astronauta (Ensenada)

Pilaseca (San Miguel de Allende)

Plastilina Mosh (Monterrey)

Seis Pistos (Chihuahua).

Sussie 4 (Guadalajara).

Vaquero (Monterrey).

Volovan (Monterrey).

See the complete lineup

This goes on from March 11 till March 20. Any recommendations?

Update: One colombian band (Superlitio) will also be there.
Update 2: Jaramillo points out that Andre Echeverry will be there as well (vocalist of Aterciopelados)

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  1. Tambien viene Andrea Echeverry (vocalista de Aterciopelados) quien sac un album como solista.

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