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SXSW 2013 Band Geography


The SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival 2013 lineup is up! Very exciting. There are 479 bands listed from all over the world for this amazing Austin, TX event. I got curious about how they are spread out. So I broke out and charted it for your enjoyment. It’s all in Google Drive, so you can click on the charts to get more details or you can see all the data here.

US vs Rest Of The World

As expected, almost two thirds of the bands are from the home country. I don’t know how this compares historically, but I would guess that the US share has been slowly declining as the event grows in size and notoriety.

SXSW 2013 – US vs Rest of the World
Click for interactive control

US bands by state

This one you definitely want to click on so you can see in more detail. To my surprise, there are nearly as many Californian acts as there are Texan!

SXSW 2013 – US bands by state
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As expected, US-speaking Canada, UK, and Australia are the most represented. Southern neighbor Mexico is next. The biggest surprise in my opinion is that tiny Israel is next, with 10 bands! Good, since I like Israeli music. Saddest surprise: nothing from Colombia. Colombian bands are always a big draw. As circumstantial evidence, an old SXSW photo I posted with Bomba Estereo’s Colombian hottie lead singer Li Saumet is one of the top traffic referrers to The MKX®. Go ahead, look it up on Google Image.

SXSW 2013 – International bands
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And only because I can and because it’s cool (Google Docs Drive FTW!), here’s a World Map showing the number of bands per country:

SXSW 2013 – Bands by country
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The Browser Wars III

I wanted to see how the readers of The MKX® compare to the rest of the world once again. We have compiled statistics in 2006 and 2009, so might as well check again.

Browser Internet
June 2011
The MKX®
April 2006
The MKX®
Dec 2009
The MKX®
July 2011
Explorer 54% 59.32% 38.57% 23.03%
Firefox 21.67% 27.12% 34.84% 28.73%
Safari 7.48% 9.32% 18.55% 13.00%
Chrome 13.11% No data 5.68% 28.94%
Opera 2.98% 2.54% 0.49% 1.95%
Other 1% 2% 2% 4%

That’s right: The #1 browser around here is now Google Chrome, then Firefox, then IE (warning – disturbing domain name), and then Safari, who’s share has disturbingly fallen since we last checked in spite of growing in the Internet as a whole. A mystery.

Mexico vs. history

Scary post from futbol y más regarding the history of World Cups and the host nation. As you know, the opening match of the FIFA World Cup is Mexico vs. host South Africa. As the table below shows, the host nation has never lost their first match, and they have always qualified to the second round. If this holds true for the 2010 edition, this means that Mexico will not win their first game and since only two of four teams qualify, they’d be fighting for that other spot against France and Uruguay.

Year Host 1st match win? 2nd round? # won # tied # lost Group rank
1930 Uruguay Yes Yes 2 0 0 1
1934 Italy Yes Yes NA NA NA NA
1938 France Yes Yes NA NA NA NA
1950 Brazil Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
1954 Switzerland Yes Yes 2 0 1 1
1958 Sweden Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
1962 Chile Yes Yes 2 0 1 2
1966 England Draw Yes 2 1 0 1
1970 Mexico Draw Yes 2 1 0 2
1974 W. Germany Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
1978 Argentina Yes Yes 2 0 1 2
1982 Spain Yes Yes 1 1 1 2
1986 Mexico Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
1990 Italy Yes Yes 3 0 0 1
1994 U.S.A. Draw Yes 1 1 1 3
1998 France Yes Yes 3 0 0 1
2002 Korea Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
2002 Japan Yes Yes 2 1 0 1
2006 Germany Yes Yes 3 0 0 1

The Browser Wars II

About three and a half years ago I took a look at the browser usage statistics here in The MKX®. A lot has happened since: Safari came out for Windows, mobile browsing finally became usable with the iPhone, and Google released a fast new browser called Chrome. I think it’s about time we take another look:

Browser Internet Q4 2009
(by Net Applications)
The MKX®
April 2006
The MKX®
December 2009
Internet Explorer 64% 59.32% 38.57%
Firefox 24.44% 27.12% 34.84%
Safari 4.40% 9.32% 18.55%
Chrome 3.82% No data 5.68%
Opera 2.25% 2.54% 0.49%
Netscape 0.31% 0.85% No data



  • Firefox, Safari usage keeps climbing.
  • Internet Explorer use is declining.
  • Chrome came out of nowhere and in a few months has a respectable number of users (myself included).
  • People who don’t use Internet Explorer are smarter and better looking. Thus, in average, our readers are smarter and better looking than the rest of the world.
  • Opera is dying a slow, painful death.

As an interesting not, now 2.75% of all our visits are from an iPhone or iPod touch. Thanks for reading.

Male to female ratio at work


I just learned that there are 5.26 men for each woman where I work. This is not the average for the whole company, just for the building I’m at. For the whole company the numbers are slightly (but not much) more balanced.

Keep in mind that I work in the Research and Development building. No HR, no Sales, almost no Marketing where I am. Draw your own conclusions.

On same sex marriage

This is recurring topic of conversation with my friends. My conclusion is that future Americans will look back at the whole same sex marriage debate the way present Americans look back at racial segregation. But I had no data to back it up nor any sense on how soon this could occur.

Today I stumbled upon said data by accident while reading Paul Krugman‘s blog. Indeed, it seems like time is on gay people and civil right’s side. Add the facts that 1) new generations are more likely to support same sex marriage and 2) there are more young people than old people due to demographic growth (maybe not), and this could happen sooner rather than later.

same sex marriage chart(full size)

Original article here.