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Opera in Cinema Presents AIDA

I love Opera. I sing it every day while taking a shower. I make up the words and I do little dances. So when I heard that Verdi’s Aïda was coming to the Long Center, and that it was FREE, well, I couldn’t resist.

In my haste to get tickets I did not read the full description to realize that it was not a live opera, but a video recording. The performance was great, but the editing was cheesy and the special effects non-existent, except for the fade-to-red-curtain trick every 5 minutes. And of course, it’s not quite same as seeing it live. But it’s free, so I can’t complain (too much). More details here.

Austin skyline as seen from the Long Center
Austin skyline as seen from the Long Center

The Browser Wars II

About three and a half years ago I took a look at the browser usage statistics here in The MKX®. A lot has happened since: Safari came out for Windows, mobile browsing finally became usable with the iPhone, and Google released a fast new browser called Chrome. I think it’s about time we take another look:

Browser Internet Q4 2009
(by Net Applications)
The MKX®
April 2006
The MKX®
December 2009
Internet Explorer 64% 59.32% 38.57%
Firefox 24.44% 27.12% 34.84%
Safari 4.40% 9.32% 18.55%
Chrome 3.82% No data 5.68%
Opera 2.25% 2.54% 0.49%
Netscape 0.31% 0.85% No data



  • Firefox, Safari usage keeps climbing.
  • Internet Explorer use is declining.
  • Chrome came out of nowhere and in a few months has a respectable number of users (myself included).
  • People who don’t use Internet Explorer are smarter and better looking. Thus, in average, our readers are smarter and better looking than the rest of the world.
  • Opera is dying a slow, painful death.

As an interesting not, now 2.75% of all our visits are from an iPhone or iPod touch. Thanks for reading.